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Customer Experience in SaaS

Customer experience in SaaS is a central piece of the puzzle in most business strategies today. So what exactly is it? Every interaction customer has with your company can be considered as a customer experience.

Based on those experiences, customers form opinions or observations about your company. If formed opinions are positive the customer will keep using your product or service. In addition to that, he will most likely share his optimistic view about you to his friends. Otherwise, a miserable experience will not only result in losing current customers; it can also repel potential customers too. 

So, customer experience & SaaS are two inseparable concepts on which depend overall SaaS company success. That’s where the true importance of SaaS customer experience lies!

Different types of exposure to your product

Improving customer experience is an impossible task without prior knowledge of three different kinds of relations you could have with your customer.

The first and most basic contact is called touchpoint. It represents the first exposure that the customer had to your brand. For example, for SaaS companies touchpoints include seeing your company’s ad, blog post, or reading email.

The next step is interaction. Plain conversation with a customer, such as: commenting on a blog post, chatting with employee or customer support, and other similar activities all fall into the category of interaction.

The last one is engagements and they should be the end goal for every SaaS company. Customers who sign up, pay for service or product are the ones who are most valuable to your business.

To summarize:

  • Touchpoint – first contact between you and your customer
  • Interaction – first communication between you and your customer
  • Engagement – first signup or payment of your customer

Strategies to improve SaaS customer experience

Now that you are familiar with these specific three possible relationships that you can have with a customer we can shift our focus on how to improve their experience.

SaaS customer onboarding and Customer experience are closely related to one another. The better your onboarding process is the more satisfied your customer is. In other words, by improving the onboarding process you will eventually improve your SaaS customer experience.

Here are some fundamental guidelines that boost your onboarding in order to sky-rocket customer happiness:

  • Always be available

This is easier said than done, but it is necessary. There is nothing more frustrating for a customer than getting stuck with your product and not being able to contact you. Utilize chatbots for more basic elucidation and live chats for more sophisticated ones.

  • Instructions

Instructions and interface need to be simple and easy to use and understand. Make a couple of videos and guide your customers through the entire process, from sing up to daily using your app.

  • Automated or manual onboarding

If your product is a sophisticated app, consider using a more manual approach in the onboarding process. Of course, this is only feasible if you don’t have hundreds of customers. 


You need to make sure that the first impression your company makes on a customer is the best one possible. SaaS customer success is unreachable without it. Only by making positive impressions and experiences can you expect to grow your business.