SaaS Customer Onboarding

What is SaaS Customer Onboarding?

SaaS customer onboarding is crucial for the success of your application and it has the power to completely make or break your entire business. It represents the first touch a newly-come customer has with your app. From that experience, they create first impressions and we all know how important they can be.

If that impression is positive, if users have found what they wanted or simply find your app useful then, logically, the chances of temporary users becoming the permanent ones also increase drastically.

On the other hand, if they find the application too simple or complicated the app will be erased and soon forgotten. If the purpose of the app and the need of customers don’t connect and meet in the middle, the app is doomed to fail. Most of these users will not even try out the app during its free trial. This drastic and harsh turn of the events is a consequence of poorly planned and implemented SaaS Onboarding.

So what is it exactly? Simply put, it is a trial period in which your main goal is to turn temporary users into permanent ones. This is achieved through several initial stages. We will talk about each major of these stages later. Now let’s focus on the mutual goals for all of them. Throughout these stages, you should always keep in mind that it is not enough to just show them the basic features of the application in the ways of various forms of tutorials. To separate yourself from countless other failed apps it is an absolute necessity to help them understand what’s the best approach in utilizing features of your app according to their needs. That way they will extract the most out of them in the shortest amount of time.

By doing so, the progress they would make would be clear and visible to them. It would evoke positive emotions and contribute to strengthening the opinion that they need your application in everyday life.

Phases of SaaS Customer Onboarding

You need to be on point for every step of the way your customer takes. Customer onboarding system consists of a few footsteps starting from the sign-up process to customer support. Of course, the same applies for SaaS onboarding phases. So the whole customer onboarding process flow needs to run as smoothly as possible.  Only by nailing all of those steps can you ensure to build trust among them.

When it comes to a sign-up process the worst possible thing you can do to over complicate things and make your future customers annoyed.

  • Make a Sign-up process fast and simple 

Now that you have your new sign-up customers you need to make sure to keep them and stop them from dropping your app. The next two steps could and should be incorporated together- welcoming email and tutorial. In the email, you can show your customers what your app aims to solve for them and how that process can be done.

  • Keep your customers with short and informative welcoming email

Through an easy sign-up process and informative email, you captured the attention of your customers. Now, you need to guide them further. Show them the options and features of your apps. But, be careful here to not overwhelm them with too much information. Again, simplicity is the key. Start with crucial features. Later expand that list to be more complicated as time goes on. 

  • Guide your customers slowly but steadily 


In the end, to build a successful SaaS customer onboarding process you need to know exactly what your customers expect and need from your app. Then monitor closely: customer onboarding metrics and SaaS onboarding flow. Compare it with SaaS user onboarding results to make sure that you have a full control.