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Developers use Frontegg™ to maximize speed, maintain consistency, and minimize testing cycles. With access to a flexible suite of SaaS features–from frontend to backend–Frontegg’s™ features quickly integrate into existing multi-tenant web applications.

Core values

Focus on core differentiation

As a developer, you want to focus on doing challenging tasks instead of dealing with business-agnostic productization features. With Frontegg you can focus on developing your core business. Invent differentiation, integrate parity.
Access and deploy a full suite of baseline and advanced SaaS features.

Multi-tenant at core

Our approach is simple, Frontegg will become a Micro-frontend on the front, and a Microservice on the back. We don’t reinvent the wheel, but rather utilize the state-of-the-art industry standards.
Frontegg features are multi-tenant at core, each user is exposed to the data they are entitled to access, according to their permissions and customer (tenant) association.

Full lifecycle development support--including staging & production

Not only a feature base. Frontegg provides resources for developers including information for best SaaS practices. Utilize our SaaS Solution Architects for planning your infrastructure to scale and thrive.

Quick Integration--just a few lines of code

SaaS milestone development can take months including product planning, development, multiple daily builds, feature debugging, feature integration, code stabilization, and monitoring. A single full-stack developer can complete a full Frontegg end-to-end feature integration in just a few hours and proceed to handle the core “techy stuff”, as is needed.
All features are customizable via CSS and accessible via REST APIs.

Full documentation

Frontegg provides full documentation with API simulations and guides on how to integrate our features as quickly as possible in your existing SaaS application as well as how to customize and monitor them, including video walkthroughs.

Production-level trial for free--no need for credit card

In a short amount of time, you can have your first frontegg feature installed and running for free. Fall in love. Pay later.

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