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Business leaders use Frontegg’s™ to unlock enterprise-level opportunities by plugging in enterprise-grade features quickly, with minimal resources.

Core values

Enterprise readiness out of the box--launch live demos quickly, to drive sales

Launch your enterprise offering, just by adding Frontegg’s enterprise-readiness features in a matter of days. Integrate today, start performing enterprise demos next week.

Advanced, rich SaaS feature set that is elegant and customer-facing

Your customers demand more from you and your product.
The Frontegg enterprise-grade feature suite includes Advanced Team and Access policies, SAML and SSO, Audit logs, Notification center, Reports, Multi-tenancy management and more. All the right features to launch your enterprise pricing tier.

Quick deployment--integrate and launch in production in less than one day

SaaS milestone development can take months including product planning, development, multiple daily builds, feature debugging, feature integration, code stabilization, and monitoring. A single full-stack developer can complete a full Frontegg end-to-end feature integration in just a few hours.
You can choose to start with one feature or integrate our whole product suite.

Third-Party tool integrations including SIEMs, automation & sales tools

Frontegg deeply integrates with different SIEMs, data analytics tools, automation platforms, and many more, to provide your customers with the best user experience associated with real data collected throughout your product and infrastructure.

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