Cycode Implements Frontegg’s Self-Served User Management to Focus on Innovation

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Rapid implementation. Quick onboarding. Professional support. Zero maintenance. Cycode, an emerging cybersecurity company, has shortened its time to market, improved brand performance, and elevated multiple business metrics with Frontegg’s embeddable full-service and multi-tenant user management solution.


Cycode is securing DevOps ecosystems worldwide via its cutting-edge security, governance, and pipeline integrity platform. This innovative platform helps enforce centralized security and governance policies, while also simplifying management via a centralized and intuitive dashboard. Code tampering risks are reduced and hardcoded sectors are eradicated before they reach the main branch.

“Cycode is a true cybersecurity innovator. It has created the industry’s first source code control, detection, and response platform.”
Dor Atias, VP R&D, Cycode

The Problem – Lack of End-to-End User Management

Cycode needed a comprehensive and effective user management solution to safeguard the information going through its DevOps pipelines, and therefore looked into the Auth0 platform as a possible solution to the problem. However, implementing this Login-as-a-Service solution involved a lot of significant resources and special training. Also, implementing advanced self-service capabilities like the Team Management module, Email Automation (“Forgot Password?”, “Confirm Your Account”), Audit Logs, and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) required advanced technical know-how.

“We were interested in outsourcing our authentication work. Cycode needed an affordable, effective, and user-friendly solution that could be integrated quickly.
Dor Atias, VP R&D, Cycode

Providing all of the aforementioned features and capabilities in a multi-tenant manner is complex and often unrealistic when it comes to third-party solutions. Last but not least, there was the pricing problem. Scaling up with Auth0 is expensive. Other solutions like WorkOS and Keycloak also didn’t fit the bill, nor did they provide a full-stack solution that Cycode required.

The Challenge – Fast(er) Implementation to Focus on Innovation

The modern cybersecurity consumer expects the very best when it comes to secure access and advanced user management features. Anything less and you are looking at lowered satisfaction levels and lackluster brand performance. Cycode was aware of the business implications of not having a comprehensive end-to-end solution in place, but this was just the tip of the iceberg.

Besides the business and security requirements, Cycode also had resource limitations, like most companies that are scaling up fast. Implementing changes to the existing infrastructure as requested by its customers meant more planning, R&D time, and testing. While customer satisfaction is crucial, these daily tasks took away from Cycode’s ability to focus on it’s core capabilities and value proposition.

Cycode was looking for a solution that would enable continuous improvement, without wasting valuable time and resources. It wanted to focus on innovation.

The Solution – Comprehensive Plug-and-Play User Management & SSO

The Frontegg implementation went smoothly. All technical questions were answered by a dedicated professional team of experts who understood Cycode’s pain points. Then came the implementation – Frontegg was up and running in just a couple of days, with minimal training and onboarding. After this, the Cycode team dived into calibrating everything as per the company’s requirements and needs.

Other important benefits Cycode started seeing after adopting Frontegg include:

  • Seamless integration into its tech stack (React and Node.js)
  • Endless customization and adjustment possibilities
  • Multi-tenancy by design
  • Fully compliant with data privacy regulations
  • No need to engage with third-parties
  • A granular solution, unlike competing offerings

Cycode is now enjoying full self-service management for its users, without investing a dime in research, development, and maintenance. It can now be more sensitive to feature requests and gain actionable insights about customer engagement, something that allows the creation of a comprehensive end-to-end user management offering for sustainable business growth.

Cycode can now accelerate development and exceed its business goals by introducing a much more mature and scalable product. The company can now focus on building a more comprehensive application while rolling out new features with the help of Frontegg’s seamless user management experience and self-service capabilities, all implemented with a few lines of code. All in all, Frontegg has helped Cycode make a huge leap forward with a powerful cybersecurity solution.