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Multi-product Enterprises speed time-to-market by using Frontegg’s™ Enterprise Readiness Center (ERC). It provides guidelines and best practices to maximize scale and component reusability across multiple products. A Components Hub also delivers brand agnostic, customizable templates that are easily deployed and consistent across multiple development teams.

Core Values

  • Unification across multiple products

    Operating and scaling a multi-product environment is a complex process from Product, R&D to different operation departments, like Sales, Marketing, and Support. Maintaining a unified ‘Look & Feel’ across the different offerings is a cumbersome mission. Keeping a high standard of Security and Architecture, among the different environments and R&D teams, is also challenging.
    Through integrating the central Frontegg Component Hub your customers will get the same user experience among the different SaaS products you produce.

  • C-Level product visibility and control

    Use the Frontegg Multi-Product back-office management platform to track the different product usages and experiences as well as events and metrics, to provide a single ‘pane of glass’ for your entire SaaS offerings across the organization.

  • Efficient development cycles with reusable components

    Frontegg cross-platform products help you reduce costs and see ROI quickly with greater security and compatibility. Cross-platform product integration means a quick turnaround time on new products and further innovation within the organization. Beat the competition by being the first to market with new products and services.


Multi-product SaaS management

Back-office multi-product management across your organization, including multi-tenant based time-series event-metrics, customer data, triggering actions, and much more. Simple integration via REST APIs. Manage your customer’s SaaS experience, through the use of Frontegg features, which enhance and support your general product capabilities.

Components hub with a library of brandable features

Frontegg Enterprise Readiness Center allows the reusability of in-house developed end-2-end SaaS components. We define a standard, your developers implement and share.
Once the Frontegg features are integrated into your product, you can brand them and customize their appearance to fit your brand across multiple platforms.

Enterprise-grade feature suite

The Frontegg enterprise-grade feature suite includes Advanced Team and Access policies, SAML and SSO, Audit logs, Notification center, Reports, Multi-tenancy management, and more. All easily customizable, quick to integrate, and built to scale.
Deployment can be done through managed or on-prem installations.

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