User Management
for the PLG Era

Frontegg provides blazing-fast integration
of a powerful user management infrastructure,
designed for modern applications.

Secure. Scalable. Beautiful. Blazing-fast.

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Powering User Experiences & Securing Infrastructure for these great companies

Modern Authentication, Blazing-Fast

Use our state-of-the-art Auth Builder™, to integrate modern authentication into your app within minutes. We’re API-first and fully-customizable, so you can achieve any UI/UX to match your brand.

      authStrategy: passwordless
         active: true
         clientId: "my-google-client-id"
         secret: "my-google-secret"
         active: false
         clientId: "my-github-client-id"
         secret: "my-github-secret"
         entityId: ""
         redirectUrl: ""
      allowed: true
      hook: ""
   backgroundColor: "#fff"
      shadow: "box-shadow: rgba(99, 99, 99, 0.2) 0px 2px 8px 0px"

What makes us unique?

And we’re also...

Authentication is
just the beginning

From signup to checkout, your User Management journey with Frontegg
  • /5 Sign-up
    • Beautiful UIs
    • Passwordless
    • Transactional emails
  • /5 Sign-in
    • Enterprise SSO
    • Social logins
    • Password policy
    • Lockout
  • /5 AuthZ 360
    • RBAC / ABAC
    • Granular roles and permissions
    • API token generation
  • /5 Self service UI
    • UI interface
    • Profile management
    • Audit logs
    • Privacy management
  • /5 Subscription enforcement
    • Trial enablement
    • Payment gateways integration

Built by developers,
for developers

Full control of any aspect of the data, through a rich set of APIs, Webhooks and the Frontegg SDK.

angular python vue javascript django php react
We integrated Frontegg in just a few hours. We literally just needed to check the boxes to get started. Our dev team loves it.
Nadav Nuni Software developer
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Security and Compliance

Frontegg is committed to your security. We are fully compliant with all major industry-leading US, UK, and EU rules and regulations. Enforcing ongoing enterprise-grade security standards is in our DNA

  • GDPR Compliant
  • CCPA Compliant
  • SOC 2 Compliant
  • CSA Star L1 complaint
  • ISO27001 Certified

Don’t take our
word for it

Trusted by developers all over the globe.
We checked all the alternatives in the space, and Frontegg provided so much more value than just SSO. Frontegg was also the only solution that didn’t involve so much pain during integration - it was so quick and easy.
Cycode Dor Atias VP Engineering
Frontegg is the embodiment of economies of scale. As a growing company, we can now provide our customers with cutting edge user management functionality even while scaling up fast.
Kovrr Avi Bashan CTO
We picked Frontegg because it’s an out-of-the-box solution with built-in backend and frontend capabilities along with an amazing customer-facing UI.
Levity Thilo Huellmann Co-Founder & CTO
Using Frontegg is like having one or two additional developers on our team handling all the annoying projects that aren’t related to our main value proposition.
Hunters Tomer Kazaz Co-Founder & CTO
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