Far Beyond User Management

Far Beyond User Management

Your end-users expect much more than just a login, they expect a full
self-service admin experience. We provide that, in 5 lines of code.
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We Got Your Back - and Front

Imagine the most powerful Login Box with
multi-tenancy and advanced features built-in.

Imagine a full Admin Portal integrated within your app, that allows your users to control any aspect of their accounts.

Frontegg provides it all – full security, self-service and enterprise-readiness, within minutes.

See how it works
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A customer-facing layer that allows users to gain full control over their account usage.
  • Self-Service


    Allow your customers to fully
    manage every aspect of their accounts.

  • Fast Time-to-Market

    Fast Time-to-Market

    Release a mature product while allowing your engineering team
    to focus on core development.

  • Enterprise Readiness

    Enterprise Readiness

    Unlock enterprise opportunities
    by integrating advanced features
    in minutes.

  • Developer-first


    Secure your end-user access
    through powerful multi-tenant features & controls.

Obssessed over
developer joy

const { withAuthentication } = require('@frontegg/client');


app.use('/shift', withAuthentication());
from frontegg.flask.secure_access import with_authentication


def cool():
    return g.user
services.AddFrontegg(options =>
	options.ApiKey = "apiKey";
	options.ClientId = "clientId";
	options.ThrowOnMissingConfiguration = true;
$config = [
    'clientId' => 'YOUR_CLIENT_ID',
    'clientSecret' => 'YOUR_SECRET_API_KEY',
    'contextResolver' => function(RequestInterface $request) {
        return [
            'tenantId' => 'THE-TENANT-ID',
            'userId' => 'test-user-id',
            'permissions' => [],
];$frontegg = new Frontegg($config);
const app = initialize({
 contextOptions: {
 baseUrl: ‘https://[YOUR_SUBDOMAIN].frontegg.com’,
 requestCredentials: “include”,
 headerImage: ‘YOUR_LOGO’
 <FronteggProvider app={app}>
 <App />
  declarations: [
  imports: [
      context: {
        baseUrl: ‘https://[YOUR_SUBDOMAIN].frontegg.com’,
        requestCredentials: ‘include’,
  providers: [],
  bootstrap: [AppComponent],
export class AppModule {
Vue.use(Frontegg, {
  version: ‘latest’,
  contextOptions: {
    baseUrl: ‘https://[YOUR-SUBDOMAIN].frontegg.com’,
    requestCredentials: ‘include’,
  themeOptions: {

Security & Privacy

Frontegg is built to the highest security measures, so you can
 rest assured that working with Frontegg means working with a secure solution, committed to the most superior enterprise-grade security standards.

Visit Out Trust Center
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“After checking all the alternatives, Frontegg was the only solution to provide so much more than just SSO. On top of that, it was also the only solution that didn’t involve so much pain during integration, so quick and easy, my team loves it.”
Dor Atias VP R&D, Cycode
“Thanks to Frontegg, we’re able to spend approximately 90% of our time concentrating on our core technology.”
Tomer Kazaz Co-Founder & CTO, Hunters
"Using Frontegg was a great decision, Frontegg provided us with full self-service features our customers asked for, while keeping my dev team focused on building our cyber risk platform core."
Avi Bashan CTO, Kovrr

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