in Hours

Every feature combines the frontend, UI, backend and data layers. A full feature can be launched within a day for most SaaS products.


Audit Logs

Documenting SaaS application access and behavior is critical for regulatory compliance and management oversight. Frontegg’s™ advanced audit logs offer flexible, customizable in-app views that can be easily exported to any file-type or supported SIEM.

  • Automatic / Manual
  • PDF, CSV and SIEM
  • Flexible model

Alerts and notifications should inform appropriately and alert when necessary. Frontegg’s™ notifications are fully customizable and can be delivered to multiple channels.

  • In-app Bell, WebPush
  • WebHooks component
  • SMS, Emails, Slack, MS Teams
Early Access Team & Access Policies

Frontegg™ empowers account administrators to manage their teams, implement their own granular permission and access policies, and enforces them across an entire organization down to a single user.

  • Auth0, Okta, Cognito, Firebase as IDP
  • Team/Profile Management
  • Granular Permissions & Roles
Early Access Reports

Visibility is crucial, especially when deploying a new SaaS application. Frontegg™ reports are compatible with all web, desktop and mobile clients.

  • Stock Templates
  • REST Trigger
  • PDF/Inline Email Client

We are Enterprise-Grade so you can be too

We are a group of veterans from the top Israeli cyber & security industry as well as from the Israeli Defence Forces’ 8200 and other top technological units.

We put data security, privacy, compliance at the core of our company essence by taking extreme measures to ensure that your customer’s data remains safe while you gain full control over it.

Frontegg uses state-of-the-art technology to build the most scalable, high-performance oriented SaaS product for you, our dear vendors, as well as for your customers. Frontegg is redefining the standards for top-quality SaaS.

Measures & Actions for High-Standard
  • SOC2 (certification in-process)
  • GDPR compliant
  • Recurring Penetration Tests
  • Chaos Engineering
  • 24/7 support & monitoring
  • 99.995% SLA
  • Top-3 Cloud Vendor Deployments