Management & Analytics

Easily setup and manage users, accounts & environments. Grow revenue by transforming raw data into dynamic business insights.

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View customer behavior over time including number of logins, sessions, API calls, and more.


Identify new integrations or flag accounts at risk of churn to create upsell and renewal opportunities. 


Automate and assess your integrations with webhook enabled services.


Nuanced, actionable insights directly in your portal, without any additional event coding.

Play on dev, test on QA, push to prod. We’ve got all your environments covered.

Manage your users and control their data, assigned tenants, and access control privileges.

Manage all your accounts in one place, see new accounts and track engagement.

Monitor all your accounts and add observability to your toolset.

Customize emails sent from your application.

Control critical flows between your users and the product.

Connect Frontegg to your app. Custom payloads available.

Easily integrate your favorite apps and streamline your workflow.