Our mission

Build the future of user management, by giving companies the freedom to focus on what makes them great.

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Dec 2021 Raises $25M in Series A

Frontegg raises $25M in Series A in just a year away from its Seed funding round.

May 2021 Launching the Admin Portal

Frontegg launches the next-gen of user management – The Admin Portal, a self-service suite for user management.

Sep 2020 $5M Seed Round

Frontegg was officially announced and out of stealth, launching the Frontegg product with a powerful authentication solution, raising $5M Seed round.

Sep 2019 Founded

Sagi Rodin and Aviad Mizrachi decide that it doesn’t make sense we’re all building the same undifferenting features.

Our Secret Power
Is Our Team

  • Sagi Rodin CEO & Co-Founder
  • Aviad Mizrachi CTO & Co-Founder
  • Amir Jaron VP R&D
  • Shelly Fischer Egoz VP Human Resources
  • Stav Aldaag VP Product
  • Guy Ludvig Software Architect & Head of DevOps
  • Royi Freifeld Software Team Leader
  • Rotem Zifroni Frontend Team Leader
  • Eldad Giladi Full Stack Team Leader
  • Ofri Rosenfeld Quality & Automation Lead
  • Tomer Kroyotoro Full Stack Engineer
  • Noa Goldshmid Software Architect
  • David Antoon Frontend Architect
  • Sapir Ben Baz Software Engineer
  • Asaf Arzi Product Manager
  • Lee Yaacov Product Designer
  • Max Popov Senior DevOps Engineer
  • Israel Kouperman Full Stack Engineer
  • Chen Kataev Frontend developer
  • Hunter Weinsheink Developer Success Lead
  • Keren Barzelai Automation & Retention Manager
  • Guy Zecharia Account Manager
  • Eli Kamil Operations and Office Manager
  • Jonathan Grossman Technical Writer
  • Itamar Higani Full Stack Engineer
  • YOU?

Our Values

  • Innovation
  • Excellence
  • Empowerment
  • Honesty
  • Accountability
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Our partners

Our partners come from a wide variety of backgrounds, but one common theme is their track record of working with successful mission driven companies.

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