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  • Early-stage $0 /mo
    50 MAT included
    $5 / additional MAT
    3 Enterprise SSO connections included
  • Growth $0 /mo
    100 MAT included
    $10 / additional MAT
    10 Enterprise SSO connections included
    $40 / additional SSO
  • Enterprise Custom
    Custom MAT
    Custom SLA
    Docker Deployments
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Best solutions based on experience

Authentication & Authorization
Login box
Passwordless (alpha)
Social Logins 3 max
SSO 3 max 10 Max
Directory Sync (DSCIM) (alpha)
Predefined RBAC
EBAC (alpha)
Self-Service Modules
Profile management
Team management 100 max
API hub 5000 max
Internal Hooks
Custom Roles
Security policies
Audit Logs automatic 10 000 max *
Webhooks 5 max 5 000 max *
Device management
Advanced Multi-tenancy
Configuration management
* Additional 100 Audit logs - $1
* Additional 100 Webhook invocation - $1
Custom screens 3 max
Custom domains
Support and Deployment
Support Community Community Slack Slack
On-prem (dockers) 1 deployment
Support SLA
Incident SLA
Custom agreement
Compliance reports
Onboarding engineer

Frequently Asked

To help you navigate our frequently asked questions page you can click on the links below to quickly get to the answer you need.

  • How does Frontegg work?

    Frontegg’s Authentication & Admin Portal are seamlessly embedded into your product, in just a few lines of code implemented in your frontend environment. Check out our Quickstart guide to see how it works.

  • Can I install the solution on my customer's environment?

    Yes. Frontegg’s platform is integrated both in your backend and frontend, allowing your end-users to enjoy a full self-service experience via the Admin Portal. Check out our How it works page to learn more.

  • How do you count tenants?

    Frontegg is a multi-tenant based platform, which means that you can choose to manage the segregation level of the data. Tenant IDs are managed by you and we are counting every unique tenant ID which appears on our record as MAC (Monthly Active Tenant).

  • What if I have thousands of tenants (B2C or SMB model)? Do I have to pay for enterprise plan?

    Frontegg supports both B2B & B2C applications, Please contact us if that’s the case and we will make sure to adapt to your requirements.

  • Is there a free trial available?

    Even better – start with our freemium plan!
    If you want to test out the more advanced plans, please open an account and contact us to enable a 30-days fully-functional trial.

  • Do you support Kubernetes?

    Yes, Frontegg enterprise deployments support running the backend as a service within K8s.

  • What if I want a full blown application and not only built-in capabilities?

    Frontegg offers a full-blown SaaS application – Frontegg OpenSaaS, which comes as an Open-Source SaaS shell and has our capabilities pre-built. You can get more info here.

  • Do you limit the number of end-users connected to my application?

    No, Frontegg does not limit the number of end-users within a certain tenant or application.

  • Which frontend frameworks does Frontegg support?

    Frontegg’s platform supports all popular frontend frameworks – React, Angular and VueJS.

  • What are Frontegg's deployment options?

    Frontegg can be deployed in two ways,
    – Fully Managed, where data is being handled securely via the Frontegg cloud. Or,
    – Hybrid Mode, where you install on private cloud / on-prem the relevant data-sensitive parts of the Frontegg solution in order.

    Read more about it
    on our documentation.

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