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  • Free Everything you need and much more
    Forever Free
    • All capabilities your app requires, up to 30 tenants
    • Unlimited User Authentication
    • Basic Roles and Permissions
    • Full Notification Center
    • 1 Premium integration
      (e.g. Webhooks, Slack, MS Teams, etc.)
    • Triggered Digest Reports
    • Fully managed and scaleable
  • Growth Starting from $299 / month Suitable for growth stage startups
    with advanced requirements.
    • Everything in Free with up to 100 tenants, plus...
    • Unlimited SSO connections
    • Advanced MFA
    • Unlimited Roles and Permissions
    • External API management
    • More premium integrations
    • 1 Enterprise integration (alpha)
      (e.g. ServiceNow, ZenDesk, Splunk, etc.)
    • In-app Reporting
  • Enterprise Talk to us Suitable for Hyper-growth or Enterprise companies
    • Everything in Free and Growth, with more tenants plus...
    • Advanced SaaS capabilities
    • Docker deployments
    • Optional Air Gap deployments
    • 24/7 Support through Slack
    • High SLA
    • Geo data segregation
    • Dedicated SaaS solutions architect
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Generous limits to get you started with any SaaS app development

Growth $299/mo

Suitable for growth-stage companies with advanced requirements.


Suitable for Hyper-growth or Enterprise companies

Secure Access
Deployment Managed Managed Managed / Docker / Customer Environment / Air Gap
User authentication
Users (Admins) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Tenants 30 100 Flexible
MFA Authenticator app (TOTP) Global Email/SMS/TOTP Global Email/SMS/TOTP Granular Multi-step
Roles 3 Unlimited Global Unlimited Granular
Backend enforcement
Team Management
Password policy Global Global Granular
Audit logs Basic (up to 200/day) Multi-type (up to 1000/day) - Advanced access control
- PII protection
- Unlimited
API Management (Machine to Machine) - 5000 tokens Unlimited
SSO Social Social + SAML Social + SAML
One Time Token alpha - - Unlimited
Access requestalpha - -
Connected Devices managementbeta -
Brute force detection
Anomaly detection Brute force Brute force - Brute force
- Too fast to travel
EU/US data segregationsoon - -
SLA None None High
Support Community Email Dedicated channel
Deployment Managed Managed Managed / Docker / Customer Environment / Air Gap
Users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Tenants 30 100
Unlimited event configuration
Unlimited event categories
Events orchestrator
Events per day 500/day 2K/day Flexible
Channels All basic channels
+ 1 Premium channel
All basic channels
+ Up to 3 Premium channels
+ 1 enterprise channel
Custom channelsalpha - -
Grouped eventsalpha - -
EU/US data segregationsoon - -
SLA None None High
Support Community Email Dedicated channel
Deployment Managed Managed Managed / Docker / Customer Environment / Air Gap
Reports editor
In-app component -
In-app self-scheduling -
Active reports 3 30 Flexible
Tenants (MAC) 30 100
Scheduled reports -
Pre-send approval - -
Custom data sources - -
EU/US data segregation - -
SLA None None High
Support Community Email Dedicated channel

Frequently Asked

To help you navigate our frequently asked questions page you can click on the links below to quickly get to the answer you need.

  • Can I install the solution on my customer's environment?

    Yes. Frontegg allows SaaS vendors to install the SaaS experiences offerings on their customers’ environment using Dockers and k8s helm charts. This is available in both hybrid mode and fully AirGaap disconnected mode (by request).

  • How do you count tenants?

    Frontegg is a multi-tenant based platform, which means that you can choose to manage the segregation level of the data. Tenant ids are managed by you and we are counting every unique tenant ID which appears on our record as MAC (Monthly Active Tenant)

  • What if I have thousands of tenants (B2C or SMB model)? Do I have to pay for enterprise plan?

    Please contact us if that’s the case and we will make sure to adapt to your requirements.

  • How does it work if I'm only interested in one feature within an experience?

    Frontegg charges by experience, you can choose which capabilities you use within a certain experience. For example, if you only interested in SSO, please pick the “Secure Access” experience.

  • Is there a free trial available?

    Yes. You can start with our freemium plan which is free forever. If you want to test out the more advanced plans, please open an account and contact us to enable a 30-days fully-functional trial.

  • Do you support Kubernetes?

    Yes, Frontegg enterprise deployments support running the backend as a service within K8s.

  • What if I want a full blown application and not only built-in capabilities?

    Frontegg offers a full-blown SaaS application – Frontegg OpenSaaS, which comes as an Open-Source SaaS shell and has our capabilities pre-built. You can get more info here

  • Do you limit the number of end-users connected to my application?

    No, Frontegg does not limit the number of end-users within a certain tenant or application.

  • How it works on the technical integration part?

    You can refer to our onboarding video here.

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