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SaaS Buyer Personas


Successful implementation of any SaaS marketing strategy is virtually impossible without data-driven buyers personas. Only when you truly know your customers, their motives and needs, can you expect to grow and thrive. In other words, the longevity of your entire SaaS business depends on your knowledge of customers.

To optimize your time and efforts, focus on tracking and analyzing the personas of long-term customers. After all, they are the most valuable customers that you currently have, so it’s only logical to start from them.

Onboarding process and surveys 

To gather necessary information, so that you can classify B2B SaaS customers, you have to tailor your SaaS customer onboarding process. We already wrote about the SaaS onboarding process and how it can make or break your entire SaaS business. Ask yourself what you want to know about your customers and then base your question around that. However, keep in mind that your questions shouldn’t be too intricate, or otherwise, you will discourage them to answer.

Keep updating your current data about customers by utilizing surveys via emails or social media messages. They represent a great practical method to find crucial information needed to alter and boost your business product. Increased profit is only possible if your products or services meet the wishes of customers. But to fulfill their needs first, you need to know what exactly your customers want.

  • Utilize surveys as a way of better understanding your customers  

In a survey, just like in the onboarding process, your questions need to be well-designed to encourage customers to share their experience when it comes to your product. The great base on which you can form your questions is called the 4S method:

  • Strategic – identify the best possible questions you need to ask them and stick to them
  • Short – keep your questions as brief as possible
  • Simple –  don’t overcomplicate things, your customers need to fully understand what exactly are you asking of them
  • Slow – give them enough time, as much as they need, to properly answer

Organize collected data

Collecting these types of information about your customers will surely create large chunks of data. To avoid being lost in that ocean of data, integration based on some common characteristics (customer experience, product usage, or their overall behavior) is an absolute necessity. Keep in mind that reading and organizing data will take a lot of time. Be patient and make sure to read responses a couple of times before deciding where specified B2B customer persona for SaaS should be classified. For example, if you put customers, who have little to none experience with your app, onto an intermediate or an advanced program then that customer will feel lost. Additionally, customers would feel unmotivated to use your service, and that’s the last thing you want to accomplish. Customers like those are only one step away from canceling your services.

  • Read thoroughly the answers from your customers. It is useful data that shows what they are expecting from your service.


Failing to understand your SaaS product’s buyer personas will lead your business to bankruptcy. Motivate them to answer your questions, take time to read them, and then plan your next marketing strategy. Your end goal is to utilize an understanding of customers’ needs to grow and prosper in the future.