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SaaS Channel Partner


If you want to become a dominant figure in the digital marketplace, then it is not enough to create your own channel sales for SaaS. To boost your business you need to harness the power of a partner program for SaaS companies. By joining forces with another company you alleviate pressure from your personal and, at the same time, allow them to focus on other matters.  Partnerships built on a solid foundation could prove to be beneficial for both parties included.

All of this sounds promising, but to build a successful partnership you need to first meet certain conditions and then overcome the comprehensive challenges.

Requirements for the SaaS partnership program

Before you consider creating a SaaS partner program, your company needs to meet certain requirements. These demands are only preconditions that must be implemented if you want to be able to achieve the greatest possible profit through the partnership program.

First, you should have a fully functional ready-to-use product. That means all the major upgrades and features must run smoothly without any problems. 

Make no mistake, these types of partnership programs serve to expand the already existing user base and do not serve to be implemented a few days after the launch of a new product.

Here it is also important to emphasize that your knowledge of the needs and desires of already existing customers, at least the most important ones, is also a prerequisite.

The nature of the complexity of the products you advertise also plays a significant role. If your SaaS channel partner doesn’t know or is not able to understand what your products exactly do, then the process of gaining new customers is extremely difficult. It is advisable to always have a person in your company who would be in charge of training the staff of the partner’s company that sells your products. After all, this is about your reputation. If the partners do not know how to promote your products, then it will have a negative connotation about the unwillingness of your company to cooperate. Therefore, providing the necessary support and resources is an important requirement.

Additionally, you should utilize a flat rate SaaS channel partner strategy, so that you stimulate your partner.  This SaaS growth strategy means that your partner gets a precisely determined revenue from every closed deal that came from their website.

  • You must have ready-to-use and verified product
  • You must deploy all necessary resources and personal

Challenges for SaaS channel program

The path from a SaaS channel program to successfully running it is full of obstacles and difficulties. We will just shed light on a couple of the most important ones.

SaaS channel programs will not bring quick bucks. It requires constant work and energy in order for it to function as intended. Approximately, it takes one year to one and a half before your company creates profit from this major business venture.

Lastly, to make a profit at all, a partnership with established resellers is needed. To get a partnership with one, you need to show them your expertise and provide necessary logistics, support, and personnel at the same time.

In short, take those facts into consideration before starting the SaaS channel partner program:

  • SaaS channel partnership requires a ton of effort, work, and time so that it can be profitable


SaaS channel partnership will not bring you an overnight success. Even though the path to a profitable partnership is fulfilled with obstacles you shouldn’t feel discouraged at all. With enough time and resources put into work, you and your partner will both profit from mutual partnership.