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Easily plugin Enterprise-Readiness into your existing app

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  • Security & Compliance
    Audit Logs Advanced audit logs that offer flexible, customizable in-app views that can be easily exported to any file-type or supported SIEM.

  • Account Visibility
    Notifications Alerts and notifications should inform appropriately and alert when necessary. Frontegg’s™ notifications are fully customizable and can be delivered to multiple channels.

  • Security & Compliance Early Access
    Team & Access Policies Frontegg™ empowers account administrators to manage their teams, implement their own granular permission and access policies, and enforces them across an entire organization down to a single user.

  • Account Visibility Early Access
    Reports Visibility is crucial, especially when deploying a new SaaS application. Frontegg™ reports are compatible with all web, desktop and mobile clients.

  • Security & Compliance
    SSO & SAML Improved security and usability with a fully compliant self-service single sign-on, ready to use in a completely managed serverless approach.

  • Back-office Management
    Multi-tenancy Management Back-office customer control & analytics, through time-series events, actions and insights