Developer Advocate


About The Position

 Frontegg provides blazing-fast E2E integration of a powerful user management infrastructure, designed for modern applications. Backed by top-tier VCs and a rapidly growing team, Frontegg supports app developers by covering all the way from fundamental authentication flows to the most complex customer use-cases.

About the Position

The Developer Advocate is an exciting opportunity for someone who enjoys high-impact, complex, and multi-disciplinary position. This includes creating a connection with ecosystem contributors and users by utilizing technical blogs, conferences, meetups, and other interactions. The Developer Advocate will use skills from developing educational content, writing sample code, building toolings, troubleshooting problems, community building, and anything that can ensure the developer community succeeds using Frontegg’s platform. This unique opportunity to form, manage and lead a new team!



  • Interact with developers and users of the ecosystem to understand their needs, and synthesize and share feedback to respective composable teams
  • Drive strategic projects focused on building out key program infrastructure such as developer feedback mechanisms, scaling our developer documentation, and net new initiatives to grow our developer community
  • Participate and organize show-stopping events (meetups, conferences and Hackathons, virtual and physical) aimed at raising brand awareness and creating an enthusiastic community of developers
  • Write targeted marketing content such as technical blogs, e-mail campaigns, and social media posts
  • Actively evangelize projects and communicate to the community to aggressively expand our customer base
  • Continuously develop knowledge to keep at the forefront of the SAAS B2B, PLG, Low Touch and Self-Serve industries' landscape, players, and competitors
  • Use growth hacking strategies to leverage data conventionally and laterally to design, inform, evaluate, and optimize what you do
  • Engage with our community on Slack, and other channels
  • Create documentation such as tech blog posts, tutorials and videos


  • Strong understanding of the developers space and needs
  • Experience with leading and scaling community programs, platforms, and tools
  • Experience in all or any of these areas: growth hacking, marketing, sales, partnership development
  • Proficiency with business productivity applications and webinar hosting platforms
  • Strong interest in product marketing
  • Familiarity with marketing channels such as Telegram and Twitter
  • Creative and out-of-the-box thinker
  • Excellent written communication skills
  • Naturally data-driven, familiar with analytics and reporting tools
  • Self-driven and able to work independently
  • Excellent organizational skills and above-average attention to detail
  • Ability to work in a fast-growing start-up and tolerance for ambiguity.

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