Tri-layered Security™

Industry-leading security capabilities for customer identity 一 view real-time security events, assess vulnerabilities and act on them to protect your users. And, yes, that includes tenant-level security customization.

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State-of-the-art engines like "Too-fast-to-Travel" and "Bot Detection".


Comprehensive dashboards with real-time security posture visibility.


Act on critical vulnerabilities fast, send critical alerts, and even transfer security responsibility and customization to accounts.

Monitor threat behavior trends.

Track bad actors in logs.

Choose how strict to be for different threats.

Bad actors get more friction on login. Good users get less friction.

Delegate security management to accounts.

Protect sensitive areas within apps with additional authentication.


Bot detection

Identify malicious bots and prevent potential security threats.

Breached password

Blocks the use of passwords known to have been compromised in data breaches.

Suspicious IPs

Identify suspicious IP activity and either allow or deny.

Stale users

Automatically deactivate inactive user accounts to reduce security risks.

Brute force protection

Detect repeated failed login attempts to prevent unauthorized access.

New device

Analyze device parameters and characteristics to detect potential new threats.

Impossible travel

Detect login attempts from different locations that are within an unreasonably short timeframe.

Adaptive MFA