Frontegg ensures your data is safe


We’re committed to keeping our customers' data secure and confidential. Frontegg works within the highest security standards and enterprise guidelines.


Data accuracy is a focal point for Frontegg. We’ve established controls to maintain the integrity of our customers' data.


Frontegg is committed to mitigating downtime risk and providing high levels of availability to our customers.

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Application level security

Frontegg puts security first. We comply with the OWASP Top 10 and regularly conduct static and dynamic code analysis. We also conduct post deployment penetration tests on a semi annual basis along with a continuous bug bounty program.

Infrastructure level security

Frontegg utilizes state of the art security tools to secure our infrastructure including WAF, FW, IDS, Logging, Monitoring, and Alerts.


Frontegg data is encrypted both at rest and in transit with the most recent encryption algorithms.

Responsibility first

Contact the Frontegg team to disclose any suspicious activity

Report a vulnerability