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Early-stage startups use Frontegg™ managed features to accelerate their MVPs and working with early-adopters. By leveraging an existing set of core SaaS features, resources needed for R&D, QA, and maintenance can stay focused on differentiating the core product.

Core Values

  • Fast MVP deployment

    Effectively enhance your SaaS product using Frontegg core features.
    Accelerate your product development and present a high standard solution for your design-partners and early-stage investors.

  • Focus on core business

    Differentiate your product among competitors by focusing your limited early-stage resources on your main value proposition.

  • Reliability & scale from day one

    Establish best practices from day one by leveraging high-quality enterprise-grade features and standards without the need to re-develop everything from scratch, later-on.


Baseline SaaS feature suite

Frontegg offers everything your product needs from an early stage, so you can offer a better user experience, through Notifications, Audit logs, Reports and many more customer-facing features.

Quick integration

SaaS milestone development can take months including product planning, development, multiple daily builds, feature debugging, feature integration, code stabilization, and monitoring. A single full-stack developer can complete a full Frontegg end-to-end feature integration in just a few hours.

SaaS best practices

As thought leaders and industry experts in SaaS development, Frontegg offers a SaaS Solution Architect as your personal guide to guarantee the best outcome and experience for your customers and users.

Free to start

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