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Ping Identity Pricing: PingOne for Customers vs. Workforce

What Is Ping Identity? 

Ping Identity is a platform that offers Identity and Access Management (IAM). It offers a suite of solutions that enables secure access for any service or application from any device. The platform manages and secures identities of employees, customers, and partners. 

Ping Identity emphasizes flexibility and integration, offering solutions that can be tailored to fit the specific needs of organizations, especially in an enterprise environment. Ping Identity supports a range of IT environments, including cloud-based, on-premises, and hybrid. 

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Ping Identity Solution Packages 

Ping Identity offers two primary packages: PingOne for Customers, and PingOne for Workforce.

PingOne for Customers

PingOne for Customers allows businesses to embed secure identity services into their applications.

Organizations can create a single, unified profile for each customer. This includes managing customer identities, delivering personalized content, and ensuring secure customer experiences.

PingOne for Customers can scale up to large-scale applications that need to manage millions of customer identities.

This package includes features such as single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA), and social login capabilities. These features help ensure the security of customer information and make it easier for customers to engage with your business.

PingOne for Workforce

PingOne for Workforce focuses on managing identities of employees. It provides secure access to all the applications and resources within your organization.

Businesses can offer their employees single sign-on to any application, whether it’s in the cloud, on-premises, or a hybrid of both. Employees can access the applications they need from any device, at any time, and from anywhere. This is particularly useful for businesses with a remote or mobile workforce.

PingOne for Workforce offers strong multi-factor authentication, ensuring that only authorized employees can access business applications. It also provides detailed reports and analytics, allowing businesses to monitor application usage and detect any potential security threats.

Ping Identity Pricing 

Let’s look at the pricing structure for each package.

PingOne for Customers Pricing

Essential Tier

The Essential package is the starting point, priced at $20,000 annually. It provides core identity services that provide a foundational identity management framework. This tier includes:

  • No-code identity orchestration engine
  • Single sign-on capabilities
  • Authentication policies
  • Customizable registration and sign-on experiences
  • Unified customer profile for a coherent user experience
  • Self-service preference management
  • Connectivity to any application with open standards
  • Unified administration portal
  • RESTful APIs to integrate with Ping Identity services and platforms

Plus Tier

The Plus tier expands upon the Essential package with an annual starting price of $40,000, and provides improved security measures and convenience. It offers all Essential features, such as single sign-on and user profile management, and in addition:

  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Ability to embed MFA into mobile apps
  • MFA integration with device authorization
  • Customer device management (for overseeing user devices)
  • Transaction approvals for sensitive operations
  • API access management
  • LDAP integration, enabling identity management across on-premises and cloud

Premium Tier

The Premium package is tailored for enterprises with complex and scalable identity management needs. Pricing is available upon request from the Ping Identity sales team. This tier promises all the benefits of the Plus package, with these additional capabilities:

  • Support for businesses with extreme demand spikes
  • Connectivity to multiple data stores
  • Compliance with stringent security policies
  • Advanced authentication options to meet specialized requirements

PingOne for Workforce Pricing

Essential Tier

The Essential tier of PingOne for Workforce is priced at $3 per user per month. It provides:

  • Centralized solution for single sign-on (SSO)
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • Directory services for SaaS applications
  • No-code identity orchestration engine
  • Standard support for common protocols
  • Employee dock (portal for application access) 

Plus Tier

The Plus Tier is priced at $6 per user per month. It provides all Essential features, and in addition:

  • Adaptive authentication and passwordless authentication
  • Microsoft ecosystem integrations
  • Inbound provisioning
  • LDAP support

Premium Tier

Pricing for the Premium tier is available upon request from Ping Identity. It includes all Plus features and in addition:

  • SSO for non-standard applications
  • Support for multi-cloud or hybrid environments
  • Enhanced access security
  • Delegated administration
  • VPN/Remote Access Integrations
  • API access control
  • Web Access Management (WAM) integration
  • Dedicated, single-tenant environment

PingOne Limitations 

While PingOne offers a comprehensive identity management solution, there are some limitations to be aware of. These limitations were reported by customers via the G2 platform.

Authentication Flexibility and User Experience

Some users have reported complexity for end-users, particularly during the initial setup phase, as they navigate through the various authentication options available to them. This can be a significant hurdle for users who are less tech-savvy or unfamiliar with MFA procedures.

User Interface and Interaction Issues

Users have also reported challenges with the PingOne administration interface, which appears to undergo frequent changes, and according to some, can be difficult to learn and use.

Notification and One-Time Password (OTP) Timeouts

There are instances where interacting with notifications doesn’t work seamlessly. Users have experienced difficulties where clicking on a notification doesn’t lead directly to the authentication process, but instead, opens the app and requires waiting for a code. The OTPs timer has been criticized for being too short, not providing enough time for users to copy the code.

Frontegg: Ultimate Alternative to Ping Identity

The industry standard today involves the use of authentication providers to “build the door”, but what about Authorization (the door knob)? Most authentication vendors don’t go that extra mile, forcing SaaS vendors to invest in expensive in-house user management development. This often leads to delays in core technology development, which negatively impacts innovation and time-to-market (TTM) metrics. 

Frontegg’s end-to-end user management platform allows you to authenticate and authorize users with just a few clicks. Integration takes just a few minutes and a few lines of code, thanks to its plug-and-play nature. It’s also multi-tenant by design and self-served by nature, something that helps reduce friction and improves user satisfaction. Also, all roles and permissions can be managed via a centralized dashboard. It’s really that easy.


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