Boosts User Experience and Achieves Faster Growth with Frontegg’s User Management Platform

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  •, a growing cloud infrastructure solution, has integrated Frontegg’s end-to-end user management platform to create a seamless and frictionless user experience starting from sign-in all the way to advanced self-serve capabilities within their product.
  • This allowed’s R&D team to focus on developing core product features and drive their business forward.
  • was able to integrate Frontegg using just a few lines of code, speeding up their time-to-market.
  • Dedicated support provided by Frontegg’s developer success team made the entire onboarding process quick and simple. is a universal analytics and AI platform for your data science and data engineering needs. It’s straightforward and self-served, all in your AWS account or on-premise clusters. This one-click cloud resource management tool allows you to focus on data applications instead of configuring compute infrastructure, with complete privacy and control of your data and resources.

The Problem – Growing Pressure on Development Teams empowers its customers by helping them utilize their compute infrastructure and cut their costs by more than 50%. However, more and more customers were also requesting user management features to enable their teams with better user experience. This became extremely challenging for the company as it started scaling up.

Adding new UI features, integrating with sales and marketing tools, and platform monitoring tools required significant developer effort and bandwidth which was slowing down’s SaaS platform development roadmap.

“One of our customers requested several UX features which would take us many months to deliver if developed internally by our development team.”
Ritwika Ghosh, Senior Software Engineer,

The Challenge – Finding a Multi-Tenant and Plug-and-Play Solution

The team was looking to provide a smooth user experience that has come to be expected from modern SaaS platforms. These include things like social logins and payment integrations. Not only that, the potential tool had to integrate seamlessly with marketing and logging tools, while supporting intuitive UX and UI development capabilities that were crucial for scaling up faster.

Most solutions in the market felt more geared towards administrators setting up dedicated IAMs, but was looking to provide a combination of IAM and other user management features to its own users in a multi-tenant fashion that was also self-served.

“Besides the obvious authentication, authorization, and billing features, we were looking for a platform that is multi-tenant by design. It was a key requirement.”
Sahil Gupta, Staff Software Engineer,

The Solution – PLG-Friendly and End-to-End User Management

Prior to Frontegg, had its own auth service to go with its microservices based architecture. Most of the abstractions could be kept the same, along with the plethora of new features that have been added to the mix. The multi-tenancy requirement was met and it’s now very easy to point new environments to any Frontegg environment or workspace.

“One of the biggest benefits of using Frontegg is multi-tenancy and especially hierarchical tenant structures that are important in our use-case.”
Ritwika Ghosh, Senior Software Engineer,

Other benefits started enjoying after adopting Frontegg include:

  • Industry-leading professional support
  • Easy integration with just a few lines of code
  • Self-served by design for more in-app freedom
  • Compatibility with multiple standards and apps
  • End-to-end coverage for all user management needs

Another compelling benefit is the reduced development and testing cycles on part of the platform engineering team, with the assurance of a reliable and polished end product. Engineer bandwidth is one of the most precious resources has. Frontegg has now become an integral part of’s Saas platform development tech stack and is helping them release new user management features with zero compromises.

“Building all the user management features that we actively use in-house would’ve taken several months for a team of 3-4 developers. With Frontegg it was a matter of days.”
Sahil Gupta, Staff Software Engineer,

With Frontegg’s multi-tenant and self-served user management platform, can now focus on their roadmap and deliver new features faster. This is extremely important in the competitive cloud-management space, where time to market and user experience play a key part. Frontegg is empowering both developers and end-users by helping create a PLG-friendly SaaS offering.