How Kovrr Manages Roles and Permissions With Frontegg

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Kovrr is a rapidly-growing cyber risk management provider that is getting more and more requests for granular role and permission management from its customers. It was looking for a plug-and-play solution that was dev-friendly, with an end-to-end nature. It soon became clear that Frontegg was the ideal solution for this use case.

Kovrr’s cyber risk modeling platform delivers global enterprises and (re)insurance carries insightful, actionable, and data-driven insights for elevated security levels. The innovative and user-friendly Kovrr platform is designed to help CISOs, chief risk officers, exposure managers, risk professionals, and catastrophe modelers understand, financially quantify, and manage cyber risk on an ongoing basis.

The Challenge – Maintaining Focus on the Core Technology

It is also crucial to understand that with enterprise-level companies using Kovrr, there are multiple SaaS information pipelines with data that is siloed. With so many different types of users/personas trying to access specific data, Kovrr soon understood that it will need comprehensive end-to-end user management that will go beyond the obvious authentication and authorization processes.

The company’s management was also aware of the fact that good developers are hard to find today and creating productive teams is not an easy task. The challenge was to not waste time on developing things that are not related to Kovrr’s core oering, nor deal with the bugs or release issues associated with user management. Everybody at Kovrr wanted to adhere to the company’s ambitious product roadmap.

“Build vs Buy was not even a debate, since we needed to free up resources and time. Only a comprehensive end-to-end user management solution could help us achieve our business goals.”
Avi Bashan, CTO, Kovrr

The Problem – User Management is Much More Than Auth

While the Kovrr team was breaking down the growing user management challenges, reality struck when a major client asked for an advanced role and permission management capabilities. At this point, developing the required resources to develop it in-house meant de-focus on their core tech. It had become clear that an external solution was required to take care of things. Amazon Cognito was the first option, but it solved just the Authentication part of the equation. The Kovrr team also closely examined Auth0 and Okta, both very capable solutions with an impressive list of clients. Unfortunately, it became evident that they were not really suitable for a few clients with a lot of end-users, nor did they match Kovrr’s budget limitations. There were other vendors in the picture, but they all had the same issues.

The Solution – End-to-End User Management Coverage

Before starting off, Frontegg was still a work in progress, but there was no looking back after making the splurge as the results were simply instant and conclusive. It soon became clear that Frontegg ticked all the boxes and was a true game-changer. Here is a list of features that Kovrr has already baked into its offering:

  • Granular roles and permissions management with full multi-tenancy
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Completely customizable plug-and-play login box
  • User-friendly password policy management
  • End-to-end user management capabilities

Kovrr’s management and dev teams soon realized that they had made the right decision by not wasting internal resources on creating a proprietary user management solution. It took Kovrr just a few hours to get started and implement Frontegg’s solution, which was already equipped with React tools and packages. Frontegg’s support team has also played a role in achieving a quicker velocity.

“I feel confident that Frontegg will be able to support us with all user management requests I will encounter in the future. Simply put, I have added peace of mind now.”
Nadav Nuni, Software Engineer, Kovrr

Kovrr now has a comprehensive, granular, and multi-tenant role and permission management solution, atop a user management suite for its customers. Frontegg has essentially helped Kovrr maintain its focus on what matters most – helping insurance and other enterprise-level companies understand and quantify the cyber risks they are facing at any given time.