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Frontegg Cements CIAM Dominance in G2’s 2023 Summer Reports

Fresh off its new Entitlements engine announcement in the recently concluded Identiverse 2023 conference, Frontegg has solidified its dominance in G2’s Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) category by generating business and technical value for its customers. It has also emerged as a momentum leader in the IAM space. All in all, Frontegg has collected a total of 35 badges and is topping the rankings in multiple segments, including SSO.

Here’s a quick recap of our top Summer 2023 achievements.

Dominating the CIAM Segment 

For starters, Frontegg is officially a Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) momentum leader, ranking 2nd in G2’s Top 20 list of providers when it comes to user satisfaction scores and climbing up one spot to 3rd place overall.

Frontegg has also grabbed top honors in multiple Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) lists. We are particularly excited to be ranked #1 for Best Results, which has been made possible thanks to a potent combination of usability, flexibility, and productivity. These important capabilities are helping end-users take their identity management to the next level and drive business impact. 

The identity management platform is also fully self-served. Implementing new authentication flows, passwordless logins, and other actions take just a few clicks. These capabilities have earned Frontegg the #1 badge in Setup and Implementation.

Key highlights:

  • Frontegg is a CIAM momentum leader 
  • Frontegg claimed the #1 spot in the CIAM Best Results index
  • Frontegg earned top honors in the CIAM Best Usability index
  • Frontegg is #1 in CIAM customer support and relationship management
  • Frontegg is the #1 CIAM solution in terms of scalability and ease-of-setup

A Rising Force in IAM 

Frontegg is now an Identity and Access Management (IAM) force to reckon with and named a new Momentum Leader in the IAM category thanks to its end-to-end identity management capabilities and plug-and-play functionality. 

While most IAM solutions are cumbersome and hard to implement and maintain, Frontegg can be up and running with just 5 lines of code, with minimal onboarding and training requirements. Our non-intrusive identity management offering is also backed up by a world-class customer support team. A true gamechanger for businesses, regardless of the industry, company size, or revenue model.

Key highlights:

  • Frontegg has been named as a leader in the Identity and Access Management (IAM) momentum grid report
  • Frontegg is #1 in the Identity and Access Management (IAM) implementation index as the Most Implementable solution

Momentum Leader in IAM, CIAM and SSO 

It’s no longer a secret that Frontegg has evolved into a versatile, scalable, and comprehensive identity management platform. Boosted by the recent Entitlements engine launch, more and more enterprise customers are adopting this end-to-end platform that’s fully self-served and multi-tenant by design. It’s no coincidence that the Momentum Leader badges are piling up fast.

Key highlights:

  • Leader in the Momentum Grid Report for Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM)
  • Leader in the Momentum Grid Report for Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Leader in the Momentum Grid Report for Single Sign-On (SSO)

The Time to Single Sign-On (SSO) is Now

Frontegg has made multiple advances in G2’s SSO lists. Besides earning the Momentum Leader badge in the SSO category, the company has climbed up the rankings across the board and is now poised to take over the SSO lists soon. The reason is simple. Frontegg’s user-friendly dashboard allows SSO implementation, customization, and management with just a few clicks. 

Businesses just can’t get enough of it! It doesn’t matter if you are looking to implement strong SSO flows in a vacuum or seeking an end-to-end identity management platform that’s scalable – Frontegg has you covered on all fronts.

Key highlights:

  • Frontegg is officially a SSO momentum leader
  • Easiest setup and highest user adoption badge for SSO solutions
  • Easiest administration and management for SSO solutions

These are exciting times. Our new Entitlements engine is making waves around the world and we have many new features lined up for you in our roadmap. Also, be prepared to see our groundbreaking identity management platform in action at multiple events in the coming months. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter to stay in the loop and learn about the latest developments.

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