3 Tips For Converting More Sign Ups In Your B2B SaaS Product

You built an amazing product, but your visitors aren’t converting to signups. Sound familiar? We’re here to tell you that you’re definitely not alone. And beyond that, we know all the reasons your website isn’t converting. Whether it’s lack of trust, a complex signup process, lack of obvious benefit, or other reasons, we’ve seen it and solved it all. If your website suffers from a low conversion rate, there are clear steps you can take to get that number closer to zero.

Before getting into how you can improve your conversion rate, let’s get an idea of what “good” looks like. As a baseline, a good signup conversion rate for a SaaS product ranges between 2% to 5%. While these numbers might sound like a hard goal to achieve, they’re actually pretty achievable. And by the way, 5% isn’t even close to the top. According to some conservative estimates, the top 10% of SaaS websites convert at an impressive 11% and above.

Understanding the customer’s lifecycle

The buyer or customer journey is the process a customer goes through in order to make a purchase, starting with initial awareness of a product or service and continuing through to post-purchase evaluation. While there aren’t rules to how a customer journey goes, it often follows these steps: Awareness, Consideration, Decision, Retention, Advocacy.

Retention and advocacy are clearly important, but we’ll focus on the first three for now. When a potential buyer realizes they have a problem they need to solve and start looking at solutions, they are in the awareness stage. Then, they’ll usually start considering different solutions, hopefully yours against your competitors. And if you’ve played your cards right, the buyer will make the decision to buy your solution. 

But no matter how each journey looks, they will land on your sign-up page at some point. 

Just like Eminem said – this is your one shot, your one opportunity. Are you going to capture the lead or just let it slip?

Read on to find out how to capture more leads.

The key: creating an effective sign up page

When it comes down to it, the signup page is the most important step in the buyer journey. And while you might think that when a user clicks to go to your signup page, that it’s a done deal, and you’ve got yourself a new user. But that’s usually not the case. The fact is that most of the people that reach the signup page won’t actually sign up. Luckily, we’ve studied signup pages and have come away with the top 3 contributors to high-converting signup pages: low friction, show of value, and high trust.

1. Keep your sign up page as frictionless as possible

Sign up pages can be frustrating places. With so many fields to fill in, it’s no surprise that a user might just get tired halfway through and give up. This is what we call a failed conversion, and it’s exactly the reason why you need to put yourself in the user’s shoes, and try to create a user-friendly sign up page. A quick signup page makes it more likely that users will complete the signup process, which can increase conversions and lead to more customers for the business.

One way to do it is to use social sign ups: a single sign-on (SSO) technology that allows users to connect through a social media platform rather than typing a separate password and username, or an email. Allowing users to authenticate using an existing social account, eliminates the need for users to enter their name and yet another password. Using social login methods like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, GitHub, Slack, Apple, or LinkedIn (you bet Frontegg supports them all!), can remove immense friction and increase your signup rate significantly. 

Needless to say, signup pages with social signups far outperform those without.

2. Show the user the value they receive from signing up

The user has probably reached your signup page from your website, where you thoughtfully explained the value your solution provides. Where many SaaS products fail, though, is forgetting to keep telling the user the value they will receive on the signup page. Successful SaaS know their sign up pages are more than just forms; they’re part of the decision part of the buyer journey and should be treated with respect.

So, how should your signup page show value?

Start by clearly communicating the value proposition of the product again. Tell them about the kind of person they could be if only they used your product. Remember, “People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole!”

3. Generate as much trust as possible with your potential customers.

If there’s anything potential customers lack when they fail to convert, it’s trust. At the end of the day, people want to buy from or do business with people they trust. As we discussed in the 3 Ways to Establish Trust in B2B SaaS Products article, when clients trust a SaaS provider, they are more willing to use their services, which leads to increased customer loyalty, improved customer satisfaction, and better sales. 

Generating trust with the potential buyer is a process that begins from the moment the buyer lands on your website, continues on the signup page, and even plays a role when using the product. As you’ve probably seen on SaaS homepages and signup pages, logos and testimonials from happy customers are the best trust-building tools. Even better? Include longer success stories from customers who use your product on other pages of your website.

Beyond logos and testimonials, potential buyers also might be interested in how their data is used if they sign up. For that reason, having a privacy policy or a terms-of-use checkbox as part of your signup form can help get buyers over that trust hump.

To wrap it up

Getting to that 5% conversion rate is achievable. And while there is no silver bullet, reducing signup friction, adding elements of trust, and describing value will get you closer. 

Try to put yourself in your buyer’s shoes and walk through your entire buyer experience. Would you trust your own SaaS? Are you met with friction? Is the value clear?

It’s a tough process, but Frontegg makes it easier by letting you create a beautiful signup page that will help you easily convert more customers.