Configuring SSO for Resellers, Vendors, and MSPs


In the dynamic landscape of SaaS and cloud services, managing identity providers for multiple customers or partners can be a complex challenge. Frontegg’s Admin Portal provides a powerful yet user-friendly solution, allowing vendors, resellers, and managed service providers to efficiently manage and delegate control over customer identities. And this is especially the case for configuring SSO for Resellers, Vendors, and MSPs.  

The Power of Delegation

Frontegg’s Admin Portal is designed to streamline the management of multiple identities by offering robust delegation capabilities. Rather than configure identity providers for your clients, you can allow them to configure it in a completely self-service manner. This means no more tickets just to help a client set up their preferred identity provider for your app. Rather, you can enable SSO provisioning for your clients so that when they log into your application they can configure whichever IDP they are using at their organization.

Further enhancing the power of delegation, Frontegg extends this capability to sub-account management. This means that clients not only have the ability to manage their own identity provider, but can also delegate this ability to their own clients. This layered approach to identity and access management empowers each stakeholder within the ecosystem to maintain control over their respective environments, while still under the umbrella of your central administration. It also significantly reduces the administrative burden on your team — streamlining operations and allowing your team to focus on core product development and customer service.

Frontegg’s Admin Portal revolutionizes how vendors, resellers, and MSPs manage identity providers by simplifying management and empowering clients. This not only enhances operational efficiency but also strengthens security and compliance across the board. Embrace the change and let Frontegg take your identity management to the next level.

Ready to simplify your identity management processes and empower your clients? Explore Frontegg’s Admin Portal today and discover how our comprehensive tools can transform your approach to identity and access management.