Sub-account Management

Identity is a very personal thing; you are, after-all, proving that you are who you say you are when you authenticate. At Frontegg, we recognize the need to create login experiences that are as personal as the interaction they represent. That is why I am excited to show you one of our latest features: the ability to customize login screens for each client with our Sub-account Management.

With this feature, you can tailor the authentication experience to match the specific branding and preferences of each client organization. By configuring separate login screens for each client, you reinforce their brand identity, offering a more cohesive and personal user experience. This not only improves client satisfaction but also strengthens their trust in your platform, leading to stronger relationships and increased loyalty.

Setting up these custom login screens is straightforward with Frontegg’s platform. With some brief configuration in our portal and some minor adjustments to the logic on the frontend of your application, you can easily customize the login screen to match the client’s branding requirements. This includes adjusting the design, colors, logos, and other elements that reflect the client’s identity. Implementing subdomain routing is the final step, where you update your application code to resolve the subdomain and route users to their appropriate login screen. This ensures that when users navigate to their specific subdomain, they are greeted with a login screen personalized for their organization.

Ready to get started?

Frontegg’s Sub-account Management feature provides a flexible and scalable solution for managing personalized login experiences. Whether you have a few clients or many, this feature scales with your needs, allowing you to easily add new client accounts and customize their login experiences. With Frontegg, you can provide custom, branded login experiences for each of your client organizations, enhancing user satisfaction and strengthening client relationships. Get started with Frontegg today and see how simple it is to implement tailored authentication flows for your clients.