Frontegg Adds Core A11Y Accessibility Features

At Frontegg, we are driven by the belief that technology should be accessible to everyone, and this philosophy sits at the core of our mission to empower developers and users everywhere. Our commitment to inclusivity and accessibility has recently taken another leap forward with the integration of A11Y Compliance into the Frontegg platform. This is not just about adhering to standards, it’s about breaking barriers and ensuring that our platform is welcoming and accessible to all users.

The Journey to A11Y Compliance

Accessibility is not an afterthought when we design Product here at Frontegg. It’s a critical component of user-friendly design and development. Gaining A11Y Compliance was a careful process that involved a comprehensive audit of our portal to identify potential barriers for users with disabilities, and implementing the necessary changes to meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Accessibility (often abbreviated to A11y — as in, "a", then 11 characters, and then "y")
Accessibility (often abbreviated to A11y — as in, “a”, then 11 characters, and then “y”)

Enabling Developers, Empowering Users

The integration of A11Y Compliance into our Admin Portal creates an environment where all developers and users are supported and empowered. This commitment to inclusivity enables us to reach a broader audience, ensuring that every user has the opportunity to utilize our platform to its fullest potential.

The Road Ahead

Achieving A11Y Compliance is a significant accessibility milestone for Frontegg, but it is just one step in our ongoing journey to provide the best Customer Identity and User Management experience possible. Our goal is to maintain an open, supportive environment that accommodates the needs of every developer, driving forward Inclusive Identity.

At Frontegg, we’re not just developing technology — we’re fostering a community where every developer and every customer has the opportunity to succeed. Together, we are building a more accessible future for Customer Identity and User Management for everyone.