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Making authentication frictionless: Introducing Speedy Login

Authentication has come a long way in the past few years – new and innovative methods have been introduced as password-based authentication started becoming more vulnerable and virtually impossible to maintain. With the average number of passwords mounting to nearly 100 per person, many login processes started failing, causing an inflation of password reset requests by users.

In today’s overly-crowded SaaS world, the password problem isn’t just a major security issue, it’s causing users to feel frustrated and eventually churn.

And you can’t blame them – getting stuck during the login process can be a huge deterrent. The harder users have to try to access your product, the more likely they are to give up, which can be detrimental, especially during the early days of adoption.

Your users deserve more choice and a better login experience that supports their habits and preferences seamlessly. With this motivation in mind, we have developed Speedy Login – our new quick sign in feature that enables faster and more intuitive ways for users to access your product, while also meeting the highest security standards.

Let your users choose their preferred method of login

What do your users have in common? They are all trying to access your service. But while the end goal is similar, their journey can be dramatically different.

Authentication is the first touchpoint between the user and your product, and an integrated part of their overall user experience. Giving users more choice and creating an experience that works for them is critical in ensuring they are successfully moving to the next stage in their user journey. 

With Speedy Login, we introduce four new ways for users to perform sign in: Fingerprint authentication, SMS verification, Android notification, and login using a USB key. Whichever option your users go for, we’ll remember their choice for the next time they sign in. Now, let’s briefly discuss each of these methods:

  1. Touch ID – Instant fingerprint authentication for desktop devices

    Biometric authentication is a method that verifies an individual’s identity based on one or more of their biological traits and characteristics. Fingerprints are a commonly used biometric authentication method since their patterns are unique for each individual, which means they naturally have a high level of security.

    This concept has been leveraged for decades across various efforts, but from early 2000, when laptops started to be equipped with a fingerprint reader, it became more popular as an authentication method. Nowadays, many laptop manufacturers include biometric authentication in their line of products, making them more accessible to users and a good reason for you to integrate them into your product as well.

  1. SMS verification – get a text message with a PIN code to your mobile device

    Frontegg also provides authentication through SMS. After inserting their phone number, the end-user will get a unique pin code that will allow the user to log in to the system easily. The advantages of this method are clear: SMS-based authentication lets users sign in without providing, or even knowing, their username and password, which makes it easier to access the relevant service/product they want to use.
Enabling new authentication methods is quick and easy with Speedy Login
  1. USB Key – use a unique security key to sign in

    Another multi-factor authentication method that exists today is the USB Key. Many major providers across the web, including Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Github, and more are enabling this method in order to protect their users. With a USB Key, nobody else but the users who has a physical device can get into the account, making it a very secure authentication method. 

  1. Android notification – sign in via a notification to your Android device

    Using this capability, users with an Android mobile phone will be able to get a notification and log in easily to their account, without any need to provide a password. Simple as that.

Better login experience = higher product adoption

User retention and product adoption are top priorities for every SaaS business. Improving them leads to lower churn which can be eventually translated into new revenue.

Unfortunately, the authentication experience is often overlooked when creating onboarding flows for new users, but in reality, it plays a major role in setting the tone for the experience that comes right after. With so much at stake, it’s important to give users a frictionless authentication experience that will help increase successful login rates and as a result improve their adoption of the product.

It’s time to take your SaaS experience to the next level

Now that you’re familiar with our new login options, it’s time to give them a try inside your own platform. Start using Speedy Login with Frontegg’s Builder for a 30-days free trial now.