Leveraging Frontegg for Seamless SSO

Simplify Authentication with SSO-Only Configurations in Frontegg

In the competitive world of tech, businesses have always engaged in the search for ways to streamline and secure their authentication processes in order to meet diverse client needs. At Frontegg, we understand that organizations may want to enhance their existing authentication systems without a complete overhaul. With Frontegg, you can enable SSO-only configurations, allowing developers to use Frontegg as a service provider while seamlessly integrating with their chosen identity providers (IDPs). This approach allows developers to leverage pre-existing identity providers while also unlocking the ability for users to use the Frontegg Admin Portal. With this slight change, you can give your users the ability to self-manage roles at their company, provision accounts, and so much more.

What is SSO-Only Configuration?

Single Sign-On (SSO) configurations enable users to authenticate using one set of credentials across multiple applications. With Frontegg’s SSO-only configuration, you can integrate with your preferred IDP— be it Okta, Auth0, Azure AD, or any other compatible service—without overhauling your current authentication setup. This approach ensures a smooth transition and offers a flexible solution for organizations at any stage of their authentication journey.

How Does It Work?

  1. Service Provider Role: Frontegg acts solely as the service provider, handling the authentication process via your selected IDP.
  2. Delegated Authentication: Users authenticate through the IDP, which then redirects them back to your application with a Frontegg token.
  3. Token Utilization: The Frontegg token grants users access to powerful features within the Frontegg Admin Portal, such as entitlements, role management, account creation, and more.

Benefits of SSO-Only Configuration

By leveraging Frontegg as your service provider, you can seamlessly integrate with your existing IDP, ensuring minimal disruption and a smooth onboarding process for your users. This integration maintains high security standards through robust IDPs, and Frontegg tokens provide secure access to both your application and its management features, safeguarding user data. Once authenticated, users gain access to the Frontegg Admin Portal, where they can manage roles, create new accounts, and unlock various capabilities from a centralized interface. This empowers your clients to self-manage their identity providers, reducing the administrative overhead on your team. Furthermore, SSO-only configurations offer the flexibility to scale as needed, ensuring that your authentication processes grow alongside your business, whether you’re handling small-scale applications or large enterprise solutions.

Example Use Case

Consider a scenario where your application needs to support a client using Okta for employee logins. By configuring SSO-only with Frontegg, employees can authenticate through Okta, receive a Frontegg token upon successful authentication, and access your application. The Frontegg token then enables them to utilize the Frontegg Admin Portal for managing user roles, permissions, and more.

Getting Started with SSO-Only Configuration

Ready to get started?

Frontegg’s SSO-only configuration offers a streamlined, secure, and scalable solution for integrating with identity providers while retaining the powerful user management features of the Frontegg platform. Whether you’re looking to enhance your current authentication setup or seeking a flexible way to manage user identities, Frontegg has the tools to support your needs. Start leveraging our SSO-only configurations today and discover how you can simplify and strengthen your authentication processes.