Migrations with Frontegg Mini-Series: Part 2

Continuing our series on migrating to Frontegg, we will delve into the power of using Bulk Migration and why switching to Frontegg’s platform can significantly uplift your application and user experience. Transitioning to a more capable and secure identity management system is critical — not only does it protect your users and infrastructure, but it also ensures that the user experience remains seamless and robust without the need to compromise on security or scalability. Despite the challenges migration can present, Frontegg simplifies this process as much as possible to make it less daunting and more rewarding for your developers as well as your users. 

Understanding Bulk Migration

Bulk migration refers to the process of transferring users of your current identity solution to Frontegg. Bulk migration allows for you to migrate all of your users at once with their password hashes. When you use our bulk endpoint, you can leverage Frontegg’s advanced user management capabilities without losing the rich user data they have accumulated over time including their hashed passwords. We support Argon2, Bcrypt, FirebaseScrypt, Pbkdf2, and Scrypt to maximize flexibility when trying to migrate password hashes from your old system.

Why Migrate with Frontegg’s Bulk Migration Tool?

In the first part of our series, we discussed the significant advantages of switching to a new identity provider. Continuing with this theme, this second part of our series specifically highlights how Frontegg can easily migrate your existing users to our platform seamlessly and without password resets by utilizing our Bulk Migration tool. We understand that it’s not always enough to bring over your users if they are going to have to reset their passwords. Our platform not only offers a smooth transition but also provides enhanced capabilities such as Hierarchies, Multi-Factor Authentication, SSO, and an extensive Entitlements Suite, tailored to meet the specific needs of developers through flexible SDKs and APIs.

How to Bulk Migrate

To ensure a smooth transition to Frontegg, the migration process is streamlined into a series of steps. First, thoroughly plan your migration by reviewing your existing identity management setup and deciding on the Frontegg features you wish to implement. Our support team is readily available to assist with this planning phase. Next, prepare your user data by verifying that each user’s data includes a tenantID they will belong to once they are migrated to Frontegg and, optionally, password hashes. Then, create tenants with Frontegg for your clients. This can be done via our APIs or in the Frontegg dashboard. Finally, rigorously test the setup in your development environment before going live. This structured approach not only ensures that all systems are operational, but also maintains high security and optimal user experience throughout the migration process. I walk you through all these steps in detail in the video below.  

After ensuring your setup is tested, you’re ready to go live. For a more detailed guide on each step of the bulk migration process, visit our comprehensive documentation here. Start your migration today and unlock a user management that is as awesome as your application.