Multi-Apps Intro

We are thrilled to unveil one of our latest features – Frontegg Multi-Apps.This feature offers a robust enhancement designed to streamline the management of multiple applications in a single environment. This new feature simplifies user and app management across diverse applications, enhancing configuration capabilities, and empowering resellers and administrators through our innovative Hosted Admin Portal. Frontegg Multi-Apps is your comprehensive solution for creating and managing complex application landscapes, ensuring seamless integration and user experience. 

With Multi-Apps, you can effortlessly manage user pools, set specific access controls, and customize each application’s settings including pre-hooks, webhooks, and user impersonation. This update is especially beneficial for companies operating multiple products or managing third-party applications, as it ensures a consistent and secure user experience across all platforms. Dive into the power of Multi-Apps and discover how it can transform your application management strategy, making it easier than ever to scale and customize your offerings to meet diverse customer needs.