Frontegg’s New Onboarding Flow

We are excited to announce the recent release of our new Onboarding Flow. This was a result of listening to you – our customers and community – and bringing internal teams together to offer all developers the best user management experience right from the start.  

Simplified Onboarding Journey

You’ll see that many parts of the onboarding journey are expedited and simplified. You are in your account quickly and your dev environment is immediately available to you without the need for extra configuration. We recognize that not everyone is looking to customize their login box before verifying its functionality, and that’s why we’ve done away with the mandatory customization screen before your development environment can be published. 

Integration at Your Own Pace

As part of our new onboarding flow, we allow you to integrate at your own pace. Use the modules in the dashboard to learn more about the features you need – or features you want to add next Sprint. For example, if you are ready to integrate our login box to your application – or want to do something more complex, such as Custom Roles or Sub-account Hierarchies – you can always click “integrate” to get started. We will then help you with all the integration steps for your development environment and app. It’s our fastest deployment-to-app flow yet.

Check out our quick walkthrough video and sign up for free to get started today.