Guest User Access

We recently released our Guest User Access feature. At Frontegg, we understand that we have to support a variety of access patterns in order to best support our users. That’s why we have created the ability to invite guest users to your application in the Frontegg dashboard or programmatically through our APIs.

What Are Guest Users?

To begin with, guest users are users that have a limited access period to your application. They can be invited for a set period of time and will lose access to the application once that time period expires. They can be invited via the Admin Portal within your app. Expiry of user access can be configured to happen at a specific day and time, or alternatively can be one of a few “quick selections”.

Converting Users

Once a user’s access period has ended, they simply lose access to the application. Their user account still exists in your Frontegg dashboard, it just means that they can no longer authenticate into your application until they are granted a new access period or permanent access is enabled on their account. It’s important to note that either of these attributes can be applied to any user. Any guest user can be changed to a permanent user and vice versa.

Simply go into your admin portal to begin inviting users, adjusting their access periods, or converting them into permanent users. All of these actions can also be performed via our APIs. For more information on how to get started, check out our docs on guest user access here.


Get started with our Guest Users feature today! Explore the flexibility and control it offers for managing user access to your application. Start a free trial to begin exploring all of the capabilities Frontegg has to offer.