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Top 22 Full Stack Developers to Follow in 2022

Full stack developers are a coveted breed. They are dynamic, versatile, and have the ability to overcome a wide range of engineering obstacles. We are glad to share a list of 22 leading full stack developers you must follow in 2022 to stay in touch with the latest trends and developments in the SaaS and IT spaces.

#1 John Sonmez 

Founder of Bulldog Mindset, Technical Adviser at Health Hero 
43.4K followers on Twitter and 17.2K followers on LinkedIn

Since 1999, John Sonmez has been a highly popular blogger and speaker devoted to helping developers. He likes to optimize and accelerate software development by presenting complex concepts in a simple way. His Simple Programmer blog, a place that’s already frequented by thousands of developers, is a mandatory bookmark.

#2 Wes Bos

Founder of BosType, Lead Instructor at HackerYou
267.9K followers on Twitter and 4K followers on LinkedIn

Wes Bos is the creator of a prominent online course that teaches non-technical people about CSS and JavaScript coding. Wes Bos is trying to make programming more accessible to a wide range of people through structuring and simplifying complex subjects, while also giving veterans their fair share of ideas. 

#3 Addy Osmani

Senior Staff Software Engineer at Google
279.1K followers on Twitter and 5.2K followers on LinkedIn

Author of a JavaScript book and blog about web development, Addy Osmani is a software development buff. He provides informative materials and tutorials that help developers improve the performance and speed of their software products. You can also find his detailed articles and guide on his blog –

#4 Dan Abramov

ReactJS frontend developer at Facebook
311.9K followers on Twitter

As a part of the Facebook team, Dan Abramov was responsible for developing React.JS, an open-source UI tool. In his personal blog Overreacted, he shares his experience, new trends and features, and explains complicated programming tasks. Abramov’s detailed posts can be found on his blog.

#5 Sophie Alpert

Head of Engineering at Humu
62.2K followers on Twitter and 576 followers on LinkedIn

Sophie Alpert contributed to the development of a large educational platform Khan Academy and led the development project of the React.JS at Facebook. On her Twitter account, Sophie Alpert shares her experiences and thoughts on various topics with a large emphasis on technology and frontend development. 

#6 Brendan Eich

Co-Founder and CEO of Brave Software, Creator of JavaScript
158.9K followers on Twitter and 3.9K followers on LinkedIn.

While working at Netscape, Brendan Eich was one of the creators of the famous JavaScript language, which is still one of the main pillars of software development. A co-founder of Mozilla and Firefox, in 2015, Brendan Eich built his own company Brave Software, a blockchain-based digital advertising platform.

#7 Kent C. Dodds

Developer Expert at Google, Creator of Kent C. Dodds Tech LLC
153.4K followers on Twitter and 2.9K followers on LinkedIn

With work experience at companies like Google and Paypal, Kent C. Dodds has created his own educational platform for aspiring developers. In his Twitter account, he talks about web development and offers tips and advice for building better apps. He’s also the co-founder and Director of Developer Experience at Remix Software. 

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#8 Sarah Drasner

Director of Engineering at Google
235.3K followers on Twitter and 3.2K followers on LinkedIn

Sarah Drasner is a globally recognized author of two books about engineering management and SVG animations. With extensive working experience at Google, Microsoft, and Netlify, Sarah Drasner shares valuable insights on her Twitter account to help full-stack developers, regardless of their experience. 

#9 Minko Gechev

Staff Developer Relations Engineer and Senior Developer Relations Engineer at Google 
40.8K followers on Twitter and 20.3K followers on LinkedIn

A co-founder of that has been acquired by Coursera, Minko Gechev designed and built an educational platform that teaches users about software development. His Twitter account is aimed at aspiring and seasoned developers and is full of helpful JavaScript insights, amongst other pearls of wisdom.

#10 Wassim Chegham

Senior Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft
16.9K followers on Twitter and 1.3K followers on LinkedIn

Wassim Chegham is a prolific contributor to Angular and Node.js and creates tools and packages to make these technologies better. His Twitter is full of witty and useful insights into the software development world.  Wassim has a lot of experience with AuthO and you may want to follow him to learn more.

#11 Eric Elliot

Co-Founder and Director of Engineering at DevAnywhere 
63.5K followers on Twitter 

Having worked in multiple software development projects at Adobe and written a book about JavaScript programming. He has also developed his own online course material that explains JavaScript and related technologies in an easy to understand fashion. Eric is also the founder and engineering manager at Parallel Drive.

#12 Charlie Gerard

Staff Frontend Engineer at Netlify
41.9K followers on Twitter and 4.2K followers on LinkedIn

Charlie Gerard is the author of a book about practical Machine Learning in JavaScript and writes on her Twitter account primarily about these topics. Using Neurosity, she developed a Node-based code that recognizes users’ thoughts and allows them to play the Chrome’s Dino game using mind control. A developer to follow in 2022.

#13 Ryan Florence

Co-Founder of Remix Software, Co-Founder and CEO of React Training
109.3K followers on Twitter 

Ryan Florence launched a company called React Training that supports business of various sizes in React.JS application development. He has also developed Remix, a framework and toolset for React.JS. His Twitter is filled with React.JS insights and web development tips. Make sure to follow him on Twitter.

#14 Tracy Lee

Co-Founder and CEO of This Dot, Head of Development Services at Outsmartly
41.7K followers on Twitter and 7K followers on LinkedIn

The company that Tracy Lee has co-founded called This Dot provides cross-functional teams alongside technical leaders that help companies build excellent web platforms. She is also a public speaker and podcaster who often talks about technology on various media platforms. 

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#15 Ben Lesh

Staff Software Engineer at Citadel Securities
57.5K followers on Twitter 

With previous software engineering experience at Google and Netflix, Ben Lesh is a knowledgeable expert in JavaScript and software development. His valuable advice and hacks about app development can be found on his Twitter account. Make sure to follow his website, where you can find insightful blog posts.

#16 Ania Kubów

Software Engineer, Course Creator for
49.7K followers on Twitter and 16K followers on LinkedIn

Ania Kubow runs a YouTube channel where she discusses and teaches game development using JavaScript. She also contributes to the FreeCodeCamp database with various educational materials that collect more than 3 million subscribers. Ania is a developer who has made it her mission to help upcoming talents blossom. 

#17 Axel Rauschmayer

JavaScript and TypeScript Developer, Owner of the 2ality Blog 
63.7K followers on Twitter

Author of multiple books about JavaScript and TypeScript, Axel Rauschmayer is a renowned expert on the subjects. In his blog and Twitter page, he shares his knowhow and tricks that help aspiring and experienced developers improve their skills. He is also very responsive to questions and comments. Follow him now.

#18 Ali Spitter

Leads Developer Advocacy at Amazon Web Services, Founder of WeLearnCode
119.3K followers on Twitter and 5.3K followers on LinkedIn

Ali Spitter runs a popular WeLearnCode blog solely dedicated to educating aspiring developers and helping them find a job. She also co-hosts a prominent tech-related podcast alongside other three women that work in IT. Ali is also the co-host of the Ladybug Podcast, with new episodes every Monday.

#19 David Walsh

Senior Full Stack Engineer at Metamask
83.5K followers on Twitter and 2.2K followers on LinkedIn

David Walsh is a devoted JavaScript guru with years of experience, including big players like Mozilla. Now he runs his own blog with hundreds of tutorials and posts that help beginners learn programming faster and easier. So make sure you visit DWB and check out the wide range of articles on offer. A true treasure.

#20 Guillermo Rauch

CEO at Vercel 
92.5K followers on Twitter

Guillermo Rauch is CEO of Vercel, a company that created Next.JS, a popular React framework. Their mission is to deliver tools that allow teams to build reliable and high-performance software solutions. In his Twitter account, Guillermo Rauch writes about JavaScript, shares resources and materials related to web development. 

#21 Sachin Gupta

Co-Founder and CEO of HackerEarth
6K followers on Twitter and 15K followers on LinkedIn

Sachin has founded a platform that offers software solutions to businesses and enterprises. The solution helps various companies with their management and recruitment needs. HackerEarth is responsible for over 1,000 hackathons and 10,000 programming competitions as well as useful blogs and webinars.

#22 Sumesh Nair

Co-Founder of Board Infinity
2K followers on Twitter Board Infinity account and 19.5K followers on LinkedIn

Board Infinity is a career platform dedicated to teaching non-tech users the ins and outs of full-stack development and providing them with job opportunities in the IT market. Sumesh Nair built a fast-growing company that focuses on developing early career skills necessary to enter the IT job market. 

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We can’t wrap up this list without our co-founder and CTO, Aviad Mizrahi. He has previously worked as Head of R&D at HTS and served as a R&D Leader at Checkpoint. Aviad’s LinkedIn account has numerous posts about user management in the PLG era, with special emphasis on multi-tenancy and self-service. 

This isn’t an exhaustive list. Have we missed out on your favorite full stack developer? Let us know in the comments below.