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Since our first product launch, we have helped developers and organizations build, scale and secure modern SaaS applications, including meeting the need for speed of deployment and flexibility.

Today’s announcement goes even further and changes the landscape of identity as you know it.  Frontegg is bringing Customer Identity Forward!

New Frontegg Forward Capabilities

If you are building auth, security or analytics, Frontegg Forward transforms this experience for you and your end users. With our powerful self-service and no-code tools, Forward helps you provide granular & contextual access control, hierarchical multi-tenancy, risk assessment & security delegation, business insights, upsell opportunities, and more for all your customers, organizations and sub-organizations. 

Frontegg Forward is the next generation of Customer Identity.  Let’s dive deeper to see how it works under the hood.  


Hierarchies is an evolution of our multi-tenancy capabilities, allowing a vendor (Frontegg customer) to create multi-layered tenancy trees for their own customers. These structures can then be used to define roles and permission association and access controls for sub-organizations.

What you can do with Frontegg Hierarchies: 

  • Create complex account hierarchies: transform rudimentary user setups into intricate, multi-tiered org structures
  • Define roles, permissions and access controls for sub-organizations
  • Self-service sub-organization management portal for partners and employees
  • Vendors can sell to Resellers and MSPs and provide them with delegated management through the Admin Portal to control all of their sub accounts

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Security Suite

Security Suite is a tri-layered innovation by Frontegg. The engine layer introduces state-of-the-art engines like “Too-fast-to-Travel” and “Bot Detection.” The backoffice layer offers vendors a comprehensive dashboard, granting real-time security posture visibility. The self-service layer provides end users a view into the identity posture of their accounts, the ability to act on critical vulnerabilities, send alerts, and even transfer security responsibility and customization to accounts.

What you can do with Security Suite:

  • Real-time Security Oversight: utilize the backoffice view to monitor live security activities, ensuring immediate response to any unusual or suspicious actions.
  • End-User Empowerment: through the Security self-service module in the Admin Portal, customers gain complete transparency into their account’s identity posture, promoting security hygiene and awareness.
  • Automated Threat Detection: using the newly introduced security engines, vendors can instantly detect and mitigate potential threats such as rapid cross-geography logins or bot-driven activities.
  • Delegate security configuration and recommendations

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Entitlements ushers in a new paradigm for user access controls, blending dynamism with context-awareness. This sophisticated set of features not only employs traditional access control techniques but extends them with just-in-time role request capabilities and time-bound role assignments. Built on top of Frontegg’s proprietary CALC technology, Entitlements brings together custom Feature Flagging, Subscription Tier enforcement, and a synergistic blend of RBAC and ABAC logic. Additionally – with a single API integration – Entitlements can simultaneously safeguard UI elements, backend APIs, and specific code segments, offering streamlined security and removing the need for multiple vendor solutions.

What you can do with Entitlements:

  • Empower Business and Sales teams: with Entitlements’ no-code UI, Sales reps can easily create feature flags and have them apply to specific customers’ users.
  • Create tailored, context-aware access controls: Roles, permissions and granular access controls – all with a single, contexual API call.
  • Dynamically manage trials and subscriptions
  • Create Feature flags based on policy and ABAC
  • Create JIT role requests

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Signals revolutionizes the analytics space by offering Frontegg customers nuanced, actionable insights directly within their backoffice, without any extra event coding. Signals senses patterns and derives insights – from user adoption rates of new features, potential markets in emerging geographies, identifying power-users, to forecasting the trajectory of POCs, upsell opportunities, and churn rates. Additionally, it highlights the presence of champions and influential personas within an account, adding a layer of relationship management. Signals not only presents these insights but offers an interactive space where they can be explored, dismissed, or subscribed to for constant updates.

What you can do with Signals:

Proactive Upsell Opportunities: Before an account even realizes their need for an upgrade, vendors receive a signal indicating a high likelihood of upsell opportunity based on usage patterns.

  • Risk (Churn) Mitigation: Signals alerts vendors about accounts with high churn or abandonment probabilities, allowing timely intervention and retention strategies.
  • Adoption Tracking: Whenever a new feature is deployed, vendors can track its real-time adoption rate, gaining insights into its reception and possible improvements.
  • Geographical Expansion Insights: If there’s a surge in usage from a new region, Signals identifies it, helping vendors spot and capitalize on emerging markets.
  • Champion Identification: Signals pinpoints champions and key personas within accounts, facilitating vendors to cultivate those relationships for better engagement and potential upsell.

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