Cynerio Leverages Frontegg’s Multi-Tenant User Management Solution to Implement SSO across Its Entire Platform

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Cynerio, a fast-growing cybersecurity company, was looking for a robust and easy-to-implement user management solution to support its SingleSign-On (SSO) authentication flows. Cynerio chose Frontegg’s embeddable user management platform due to its seamless integration, self-serve capabilities and dedicated support.


The Cynerio Healthcare IoT platform provides healthcare facilities with a comprehensive suite of solutions that caters to every IT need, from healthcare-safe Zero Trust cybersecurity to asset and risk management.

The platform covers every connected asset and threat vector, equipping customers with the tools, insights and control they need to establish a strong cybersecurity posture

The Problem: Overhead Caused by User Management Tasks

Cynerio’s main issue was that it was developing all user management features and authentication flows internally. This was not a technical issue per se, but the company’s developers were having to deal with a growing number of feature requests. This hampered productivity, caused significant stress, and impacted what mattered the most – innovating new core product features.

At the same time, customers were demanding advanced Single-Sign On (SSO) capabilities. Active Directory SSO was a common option they needed as fast as possible. In addition, multiple customers were requesting Google SSO and other options.

“We sought to implement multiple SSO solutions, since that became a key business requirement as we scaled up.”
Doron Mayer, VP R&D, Cynerio

The Challenge: Smooth Third-Party Integration with Multi-Tenancy

While several vendors offered similar authentication flows and user management capabilities, none of them could provide Cynerio with multi-tenancy capabilities that it required. As a rapidly scaling B2B company, Cynerio needed the ability to create multiple domains and multiple login pages. This is where other options fell short.

 Cynerio was looking for a solution that would enable quick onboarding of new customers with its multi-tenant architecture, while also offering plug-and-play functionality that would reduce the stress on its development teams.

“We needed to tick all the boxes when it came to implementing the SSO flows. Multi-tenancy was another big challenge we had to overcome.”
Doron Mayer, VP R&D, Cynerio

The Solution: End-to-End User Management with Strong Tech Support

The Frontegg implementation was smooth with minimal onboarding steps. All questions and queries were resolved quickly via Frontegg’s Slack support channel. Following the quick and effortless integration, Cynerio was able to configure their authentication solution without any hiccups and go live the same day. Assigning roles and permissions was also easy thanks to Frontegg’s centralized dashboard.  

“Implementing Frontegg was a breeze with exceptional support.”
Doron Mayer, VP R&D, Cynerio

Important benefits Cynerio started enjoying after adopting Frontegg include:

  • Enterprise readiness with SSO authentication
  • A fully customizable, embedded Login box
  • Multi-tenant hierarchy to support future growth
  • Self-served user management platform

The Login Box Builder was also great for Cynerio’s front-end needs. Cynerio was able to customize every aspect via a user-friendly interface with just a few clicks and no extra code. This removed the workload of coding and configuring basic features from the development teams.

With a robust and scalable authentication solution in place, Cynerio can now shift its focus to innovation. All SSO flows are self-served and empower its customers to get things done fast, all without the intervention of support or development teams. By utilizing Frontegg, Cynerio is able to scale up faster and without wasting time and resources.