How Materialize integrated Frontegg in 24 hours to empower its enterprise customers

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Materialize, a streaming database, was looking for a user management solution that could accommodate its move to the cloud. Frontegg helped them achieve that, and much more.

Materialize is the streaming database for real-time analytics. It simplifies streaming maintenance by replacing custom code with standard SQL. Materialize can connect to many sources – event stream processors, CDC, data lakes, and Postgres DBs.

The Challenge – Building a Strong Multi-Tenant SSO Flow and Reducing Customer Feature Requests

Materialize is scaling up fast and so are its user management requirements. With dozens of new customers joining the Materialize Cloud platform, there was a glaring need for a comprehensive multi-tenant approach. These issues were negligible when Materialize was just an on-prem solution, but moving to the cloud floated the need to improve user management functionality.

Besides the need to implement a granular multi-tenant infrastructure with a powerful Single Sign-On (SSO) flow, Materialize was eager to achieve enterprise readiness with all the required customer-facing features. Further complicating matters, limited engineering resources made it difficult to deal with the growing number of customer requests in the user management realm.

“Our on-prem setup was doing quite well at the time. But we soon realized that moving to a SaaS model suddenly made User Management our problem”.
Nikhil Benesch, Tech Lead, Materialize

The Solution – An End-to-End User Management Solution Integrated in 24 Hours

With Frontegg, Materialize soon realized that it would be ticking all the boxes, from a customizable and powerful authentication experience, all the way to the powerful Admin Portal. The integration took less than 24 hours, and the migration from AWS Cognito only a couple more days.

The Admin Portal layer by Frontegg enabled Materialized customers to control user management settings completely on their own, self-served.

  • Strong Authentication Experience with Multi-Tenant SSO
  • API Token Generation and Social Login Capabilities
  • Fully Customizable Plug-and-Play Login Box
  • Self-Service Enabled for the PLG Era
  • End-to-End Infrastructure

Besides the speed of implementation and migration, we are happy with Frontegg as it empowers our users. They don’t need us to perform user management-related actions as most of them are self-served. This is helping us on many levels as we scale up“.
Nikhil Benesch, Tech Lead, Materialize

Materialize doesn’t need to waste valuable resources and time on developing user management capabilities anymore. They can simply modify and control their customers’ User Infrastructure in a few clicks with Frontegg.

The documentation and customer support also played a key role in this success story. Materialize now has integrated the most powerful multi-tenant User Management in just a few days.