Introducing Frontegg Multi-Apps: The Future of Customer Identity App Management

At the end of last year, we unveiled Frontegg Forward to illustrate how Frontegg can transform your auth, security and analytics with powerful self-service and no-code tools.  Continuing on the path to help meet modern SaaS builders’ need for flexibility, granularity, and scale, today we introduce Frontegg Multi-Apps.  

Today’s announcement centers around helping organizations successfully manage users, apps and access controls for companies who have multiple applications in their environments.  We also walk through the ease of app configuration, reseller opportunities, and creating “Super Admins” with our new Hosted Admin Portal.  Frontegg Multi-Apps is the Easy Button you need for managing apps, users and identity.  

Next-level Management for Multiple Applications

Multi-Apps is an expansion of the Frontegg platform to enable customers the ability to have multiple applications in each of their environments. It is now possible to have one login, shared authentication rules, and one place to manage all accounts and users. This allows you to provide a consistent and unified login experience for your users, across all accessible applications.  

Multi-Apps also allows you to have separate, defined credentials and rules per app. Each app can have different tech stacks, URLs and be targeted for web or mobile.  

In a large, complex system, you want to be able to easily manage applications and their access controls across users and tenants, including being able to define default or auto-assigned apps. Multi-Apps helps you manage which tenants and users will have access to which app – and you can do this all through the same Backoffice that you manage your environments and customers. Easily build a sophisticated infrastructure to create and manage multiple products, and configure everything from access controls to subscriptions within these products. Multi-Apps allows you to do all of this – along with providing specialized flows for different types of users and unparalleled customization for app configuration.  

User Flows for Everyone

While Frontegg serves as the centralized identity orchestrator for each customer account, Multi-Apps has different user flows for App Developers, Resellers/MSPs, Administrators, Customer Success Managers, and Sales as they manage the apps and users within the account.   

Multi-Apps also significantly reduces the overhead of user and access management by allowing shared user pools across multiple applications. Look to our coming Product blogs and videos for a deep dive into each of these scenarios.  Check out our overview Product video:

App Configuration

With Multi-Apps, you can do app config for all apps within an environment. From prehooks and webhooks to user impersonation and custom domains, customize what you need. The full list is in the table below and the details are in our Docs

Turn your Admins into Super Admins

Give your Admins extra powers when it comes to managing apps and identity.  The Hosted Admin Portal – launching with Multi-Apps –  is cross-application and displays on a separate tab as a console, making it easy for Admins to define how applications interact with users, accounts, roles, permissions, features, and login screens. The new Hosted Admin Portal is available to all customers.  

Get started now with Frontegg Multi-Apps

All of these features are available today. Please sign up if you haven’t already and, of course, let us know how we can make things better by joining our Community or talking to us directly. We are here to help you in your Customer Identity journey.