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Top Full Stack Developer Conferences You Must Attend in 2023

2023 has commenced with a plethora of business challenges, but innovation is still going to be on the minds of engineering teams worldwide. We have shortlisted the top full-stack developer events you should consider attending to learn about the latest trends, engage with influencers, and improve your networking. 

1. HalfStack 

February 3, Phoenix

Tickets: Late Bird – $275, Late Bird Team – 6 for the price of 5 

HalfStack is going to be one of the hottest winter events of the year, with great talks from leading influencers (Kucia Cherchie, Chris Demars, William Blankenship, Bekah Rice, and more) and endless networking opportunities. This event prioritizes quality over quantity – only 200 people will be allowed into the Majestic Gilbert theater premises to create an intimate, productive, and collaborative atmosphere. 

2. DeveloperWeek

February 15-17, San Francisco 

Tickets: Open – $100 (No networking access), Pro – $795

DeveloperWeek is a bonafide global event for all things full stack. Over 8000 attendees graced last year’s event and this edition is expected to bring more of the same goodness – exclusive talks (Webb Brown, CEO @ Kubecost, Kiran Kamity, CEO @ Deepfactor, etc.), workshops, and even a hackathon. You also have the option of getting certificated in trending fields like AI & ML, Cloud Management, and more. Frontegg will be a sponsor of DeveloperWeek 2023, SF Bay Area.

3. LeadDev New York

March 14-15, New York

Tickets: Basic LeadDev Pass – $1499

LeadDev is almost here. This year’s event is going to feature no less than 25 exclusive talks that have been planned with software engineer managers in mind – David Yee, VP of Engineering @ The New York Post, Jon Thornton, Principal Engineer @ Squarespace, Javier Cardenete Morales, Engineering Leader @ Meta, and Matthias Gruter, Engineering Lead @ Spotify will be amongst them. Frontegg will be a sponsor of LeadDev 2023 New York.

4.LeadingEng New York

March 16, New York

Tickets: Basic LeadingEng Pass – $1499

LeadingEng is essentially LeadDev’s sister event and as the name suggests, is more about the business angles and networking opportunities. The speaker lineup here is equally impressive as in the main event – Nivia Henry, Engineering Director @ Spotify, Ian Nowland, SVP of Engineering @ Datadog, and Bruce Wang, Director of Engineering @ Netflix will all be there with high-level business talks. 

5. StaffPlus New York

March 16, New York

Tickets: Basic StaffPlus Pass – $999

StaffPlus is the third major event that will be held in parallel and its target audience is senior individual contributors. Tanya Reilly, Principal Software Engineer @ Squarespace, Joy Ebertz, Principal Software Engineer @, Izar Tarandach, Senior Staff Engineer @ Datadog, and Mike McQuaid, Principal Engineer @ GitHub will be talking about modern strategies that you must consider in 2023.

6. RSA Conference

April 24-27, San Francisco 

Tickets: Expo (Early Bird) – $50, Full (Early Bird) – $2045

You won’t find many better places to quench your cybersecurity thirst than the upcoming RSA Conference. RSAC is much more than an annual event, it’s a true community. You can get started with the Expo, where hundreds of vendors will be exhibiting the latest and greatest the industry has to offer. There will also be learning labs, training sessions, and dedicated networking opportunities to explore.

7. OWASP AppSec Israel

May 3-4, Tel Aviv

Tickets: To Be Announced

This event has become Israel’s top cybersecurity conference with over a decade of proven results. Last year’s event had over 800 participants – developers, team leads, and business executives. The organizers are expecting to cross the 1000-people mark this time around. Developers will also get to attend a free Training Day before the conference to sharpen their skills and get inspired.

8. Game Developers Conference (GDC)

May 20-24, San Francisco 

Tickets: Expo – $293, Summits – $996, All Access – $2204

Game Developers Conference, commonly known as the GDC, is expected to bring thousands of developers, team leads, and business executives together yet again. Exclusive talks, panel discussions, and networking sessions – participants will get a chance to exchange ideas and develop new opportunities. You’ll also get to attend an expo with the biggest brands – Sony, Epic, Nvidia, Google, Intel, and more.

9. Identiverse

May 30 – June 2, Las Vegas

Tickets: Early Bird – $1595, Standard – $1895

The Identity Industry is growing exponentially since privacy rules like GDPR and CCPA took effect a few years ago. Identiverse will cover all latest developments and help you connect with the brightest minds out there via a series of exclusive talks, summits, and workshops spread over 4 days. The organizers are expecting over 2500 attendees this time around, making this a potent networking opportunity. 

10. RenderATL

May 31 – June 2, Atlanta

Tickets: General – $600, VIP – $1500

RenderATL is getting bigger every year and this edition is going to feature 85 tracks from the industry’s biggest influencers. The Design and CSS track is stacked this year with speakers like Ashten Fizer (Dropbox), Paola Mariselli (Bumble), and Dantley Davis (Nike) taking stage. Other tracks will include – Leadership and Entrepreneurship, Web and Mobile Engineering, and Product Management.  

11. Collision

June 26-29, Toronto

Tickets: General – $495, Executive – $3495

When people like Brad Smith, President @ Microsoft, Parag Agarwal, CTO @ Twitter, and Kate Brandt, CSO @ Google have spoken at an event in the past, you know that it’s one you have to include in your shortlist. While this year’s list hasn’t yet been finalized, you will be getting your dose of insights and best practices, not to mention the networking opportunities with the thousands of attendees over the 4 days.

12. SaaStr Annual 2023

September 6-8, San Francisco

Tickets: Startups – $849, SMBs – $1049

SaaStr is a cloud-tech centric conference that covers all bases over a span of 3 days. With over 1000 VCs and investors in attendance, you’ll have ample opportunities to make your pitch. Besides that, you’ll get the chance to access over 300 talks from industry experts, not to mention over 150 workshops and training sessions to feel the pulse. This is a true end-to-end conference you must consider in 2023.

13. OWASP Global AppSec

September 23-27, Washington DC

Tickets: Startups – To Be Announced

The Open Web Application Security Project, commonly known as OWASP, has become the golden standard for all things cybersecurity over the last two decades. The OWASP Global AppSec event will help you improve your career skills, learn about new industry trends, new cyber risks, and the obvious networking opportunities. Stay tuned for more updates as we approach Q3 of 2023. 

14. LeadDev Berlin

December 4-5, Berlin 

Tickets: To Be Announced

LeadDev events are in big demand and this applies to Europe as well. The North American format will be in full effect this December as engineering managers and technical leaders converge in the German capital. You will be able to hear about success stories, case studies, and practical advice from leading experts from top companies like Tier, Netflix, Cobalt, Braze, Gorillas, and more. 

15. API Conference

December 12, Brussels

Tickets: Early Bird – 249 Euro

Good API development, management, and security require solid strategy and planning. API Conference will help you with these very important things. Werner Lauwers, IT Director @ Johnson & Johnson, will be handling the opening keynote. Ruben Van Der Zwan (CEO, Yenlo), Emily Sargent (API Expert), and others will be following up and creating an exclusive pipeline of information and tips. 

The aforementioned event list is not conclusive in any way or form, but the ones we have mentioned definitely help capture the widest target audience and bring in the leading speakers to enlighten the attendees. We hope to see you around at atleast a few of these full stack developer conferences. Stay inspired.