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Top 11 PLG Events to Attend in 2022

Product-Led Growth (PLG) is taking center stage in 2022, with more and more SaaS companies realizing the importance of self-served applications with increased in-app freedom. But this realization is just the first step. We have shortlisted the top PLG events that you need to consider attending this year in order to get inspired and gain access to the brightest minds in this space.

1 – ProductWorld 

7-9 February, 2022 (Virtual)

With over 1000 tech product managers, executives, and developers in attendance, ProductWorld is going to be the first product mega-event of the year. This event has been planned to coincide with DeveloperWeek, where almost 10K devs and IT professionals are expected to be present. ProductWorld 2022 will feature speakers like Jeremy Glassenberg from Docusign and Savitha Ajitrak from Paypal.

Conference tracks will include: Product Lifecycle and Success Stories, Product Management Software and Innovation, Product Team Dynamic, Methodologies, and obviously some exclusive Product Manager Roundtable Talks.

2 – ProductCon

16 February, 2022 (Virtual)

When you have Kasha Stewart, Head of Product at Walt Disney and Yu-Kuam Lin, Head of Product at Facebook, in attendance, you need to be there. Due to the ongoing COVID pandemic, ProductCon will be happening online on the dynamic and interactive Hopin platform. Kylie Fuentes, VP of Product at Salesforce, is also on the speakers list. There will also be a lot of networking options.

Gibson Biddle, who also made it to our list of PLG Experts You Must Follow in 2022, will also be speaking at this year’s ProductCon. Besides being a popular influencer on social media, he was also the VP of Product at Netflix for many years.

3 – LTP Digital 2022

9 March, 2022 (Virtual)

Start off your spring PLG-related tasks with LTP Digital 2022. This event will focus on the business and continuity aspects of Product-Led Growth, with popular experts and influencers taking centerstage to help you achieve your goals. The main theme and talk – “The 7 Ts of Product-Led Transformation” – a complete and comprehensive learning experience for product managers and executives alike.

LTP Digital 2022 is going to feature some world-renowned speakers. You’ll get to hear from Ebony Shears (VP of Product, Forbes), Samuel Bright (Chief Product & Experience Officer, Upwork), and Corinna Stukan (VP Product, Roam).

4 – Intelligent User Interfaces Conference

22-25 March, 2022 (Virtual)

User experiences are all about engaging end-users. But is there a science behind this? The answer is a big yes. Unlock the secrets behind creating intelligent user interfaces in this exclusive virtual event. You will also learn more about Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and how it is being influenced by Artificial Intelligence (AI) today. A tech-heavy event that can give you the edge.

Keynote speakers at the Intelligent User Interfaces Conference 2022 will include Stuart Russell, professor at the University of California and Munmun De Choudhary, associate professor at Georgia Tech. 

5 – Product Management Case Study Conference

6-8 April, 2022 (Salt Lake City, Utah)

This unique product-led conference will feature 2 full days of talks that will revolve around UX and product management. Besides networking with over 800 product managers and experts, you will get to participate in no less than 16 talks. All of these talks will be audience-led with a focus on Q&A interactions. A special focus will be put on product-led growth and the importance of cross-functional teams.

Last year’s event featured a speaker panel from Adobe, Everee, Doulingo, Podium, Range, and Lucid. We don’t expect it to be too different this time. Registration is already under way via the link on the website. Be there or be square.

6 – LTP Digital 2022, APAC

18 May, 2022 (Virtual)

This year’s LTP Digital edition will also be held in a virtual format, but it’s still going to be packed with expert speakers who will bring exclusive tips and diverse perspectives to the table, especially in the product-led growth front. Participants will get the change to ask questions and also connect with leading APAC product professionals. The theme this year is going to be “edutainment”.

7 – Product-Led Summit 2022

19 May, 2022 (Amsterdam) | 14-15 September (San Francisco)

May is going to be a busy month this year for the product community, with this event probably being the main one you must consider seriously. Participating in this conference will help you position your product correctly so become your primary growth engine. Beside the crucial product design topic, you will get invaluable insights into feature development and delivery for best PLG results.

The event has an impressive list of confirmed speakers – Louise Bernstein (Product Manager, HubSpot), Alexandra Lung (Chief Product Officer, Aircall), Oliver Conze (Chief Product Officer, SAP), and Caroline Hynes (Product Director, ZenDesk).

8 – UXDX USA 2022

24-26 May, 2022 (Virtual)

With 66% of product features failing to perform well from the business standpoint, SaaS companies need to revamp and polish their strategies. UXDX USA 2022 will help you just that by touching upon crucial topics like customer centricity, empowered product teams, and PLG implementation. So if you are a product manager or a development team leader, you should consider attending this event.

The list of speakers is really impressive. Mamuna Oladipo (VP of Product, Spotify), Peter Wang (CTO, Buzzfeed), Aleks Safarova (VP of Product Design, Kayak), and Donnie D’Amato (Design Systems Architect, GoDaddy) will all be there.

9 – Growth Marketing Summit

15 June, 2022 (Frankfurt, Germany)

Product-Led Growth is all about using your product as a primary business accelerator. If digital growth and optimization are your top priorities in 2022, you need to seriously consider attending this event. Besides the obvious conversion uplifts, participants will get to learn more about data driven approaches and customer-oriented strategies to create sustainable growth trajectories.

You’ll get to learn from the best in the industry. Erin Weigel (Principal Designer,,  Morgan Brown (VP Growth, Shopify), Talia Wolf (Chief Optimizer, GetUplift), and Krista Seiden (Founder, KS Digital) will all be there.

10 – INDUSTRY Global

19-21 September, 2022 (Cleveland, Ohio)

Over 1000 attendees and 30 sessions spread over 3 days, all with countless networking opportunities. This is what awaits you this fall in the INDUSTRY Global conference. Product managers will be looking to share their thoughts and learn from each other in this interactive event that will cover key PLG concepts – building apps with the right tools and scaling up smoothly with the correct frameworks.

The speaker list is still not final, but will include Tiffany Dockery (Director of Product, Etsy), Christian Idiodi (Partner, Silicon Valley Product Group), and Sean Flaherty (Executive VP of Innovation, ITX). Mark Duplass will also make a guest appearance. 

11 – PLG Disrupt

November, 2022 (Virtual)

Last year’s PLG Disrupt event was a huge success, with Despina Exadaktylou bringing together multiple product experts from Forrester, Ericsson, Pocus, Saleasforce, and Accenture to shed some light on the latest and greatest in the PLG space. This year’s speaker list is yet to be announced, but brace yourself for another intensive event that will wrap up 2022 and prepare you for the challenges ahead.

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Product-Led Growth is much more than a series of actions, it’s a philosophy. Just like DevOps started revolutionizing software development around a decade ago, PLG is changing the way businesses sell, market, and manage their products. The aforementioned events will help you grasp crucial concepts and implement the best practices to create sustainable growth with what matters most – your product.

This event list is not exhaustive in any way or form. Have we missed out on any upcoming PLG event? Feel free to share information about events and conferences you think should have made the list in the comments section below.