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Frontegg Recognized As One Of G2’s Best Security Products For 2023

We’re thrilled to announce that Frontegg was named a G2 Best Software Award Winner, placing #26 on the Top Security Products list alongside other best-in-class tools, such as Okta, Microsoft Azure Active Directory, GitLab, IBM Security Verify, Snyk, Datadog, and GitHub. Winners are based on verified customer reviews on G2 as well as publicly available market presence. G2, visited by more than 80 million software buyers each year, is the world’s largest and most trusted software marketplace. Their annual Best Software Awards rank the world’s best software companies and products based on authentic reviews from real users.

This award comes directly after Frontegg earned a record-breaking 42 badges in G2’s Winter Awards, and took the lead as the Fastest Growing Solution in the CIAM category.

Security is a top priority for SaaS organizations

It’s no secret that the threat against personal data and digital identity continues to grow, with news about data breaches reported on an almost-daily basis. Addressing this problem begins with improving identity security, but most businesses lack the necessary experience, have limited resources, or aren’t motivated to fix it until it becomes a problem—making it a nearly impossible task.

“Frontegg treats security as a top priority. We’re defending the organization’s most valuable asset – its users – and our customers trust us to handle every aspect of it within their application” said Aviad Mizrachi, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of Frontegg. “G2 named Frontegg as a Top Security solution due to our wide security offering. All of our efforts are aimed at ensuring developers can sleep better at night and don’t have to worry about dealing with another security feature or requirement. Frontegg takes care of their entire user management stack, starting from where the users log in, to how they’re authenticated, and which part of the application they can access.”

Bolstering security without sacrificing user experience

Frontegg empowers businesses to build experiences that are secure-by-design but still delight their users. Frontegg’s out-of-the-box solution offers a customizable user experience built around advanced security standards and enterprise readiness features like SAML SSO, MFA, audit logs and more.

Feedback from customers often reflects this very point – 

“After already developing some initial set of security features ourselves, we figured it’s not sustainable to keep implementing such a prevalent feature set internally. Frontegg enabled us to migrate (almost) our entire security stack to an external provider, with most of our future requirements ready out-of-the-box, with clear and concise documentation and a helpful team.” link

“Frontegg helps us manage user accounts across multiple applications and websites while providing robust security standards. they take the heavy lifting off my team and allow us to focus on our products.” link

“Frontegg helped us with building an easy login box to some of our applications alongside with great SSO features to comply with all different security regulations.” link

“Frontegg seems to get it. They’ve designed a system to replace all the boilerplate auth code my team would normally have to write, and the end result is we have more capabilities and features for our end-users than if we did it ourselves, since we must prioritize business logic instead of authentication/authorization features.” link

It’s not just about security, it’s also about visibility

As your business and user base grows, it’s becoming harder to identify and protect against security threats. Frontegg solves this problem by documenting every action users take in the Audit log. The Audit log feature makes security events visible and accessible to everyone at your business—enabling technical and non-technical employees to investigate and take action faster than ever before.

“We want to allow developers and security teams to recognize and handle security threats faster and better than they ever did before. In the near future, we will keep pushing our security standards even higher. Our clients will not be required to follow the latest updates in this field, because we are here to do that for them” said Sagi Rodin, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Frontegg. “In a world of build vs. buy, Frontegg’s solution stands out due to its ease of use and end-to-end protection. It removes the expense and challenges of developing and managing these capabilities in-house and allows companies to focus on their core product and go-to-market.” 

Deliver a better, more secure user experience using Frontegg

Frontegg handles millions of requests per day—securely managing authentication, authorization, and user management for hundreds of organizations worldwide including Fortune 500 companies and hyper growth startups. 

Sign up for a free trial today to find out more about our complete user management solution. It only takes a few minutes to integrate and if you have any questions or you’re in need of support you can contact us directly on our Slack community.